Character Profile - Reina and Faris

Thanks for this!

Reina and Faris are special characters to me. Faris in particular, as she is one of my favourite Final Fantasy females (in my top 5 for sure, possibly top 3). Reina is less developed, as you say, and I find that interesting too (that the character who is intended, one would imagine, to be the lead female is overshadowed by her sister).

Reina still has some lovely moments though, and her compassion for her wind drake / dragon mirrors Faris' care for her sea dragon (Syldra / Hydra). While separated and living vastly different lives, you can sense that the two sisters share the same heart.
I think they were both meant to be similar yet very different. They have the same caring/loving attitude but their personalities are polar opposites and that is what is great. I agree with you for being the lead female, Reina, is overshadowed by her sister and she has a more interesting background and more development through out the game, from what I see so far.
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