Announcements Changes to FFF's relationship to its Discord server.


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Based on both feedback and long staff discussions we have decided to adjust the relationship our Discord server has with our forums. We have decided upon a loose disassociation rather than a full disassociation.

What does this mean?
The Discord server will keep its FFF branding and can continue to serve as an advantageous outpost for FFF, just no longer a focal part of our community. Our priorities have to remain with the site itself.

As well as remaining an option for easy chats, Discord can be viewed as an extra limb enabling us to reach the members who use the Discord server, feeding members links to the forum to keep them in the loop (including the promotion of threads on the site and our special events). This means that FFF can still be on the minds of those who use the Discord.

What changes will this form of loose disassociation make?
The first major change will be how the Discord server is managed. Being a staff member on FFF does not require you to join the Discord and moderate the Discord channels. The site and Discord will be moderated independently. Staff members can opt-in or out as they choose, and we shall shortly be looking into employing some Discord Chat Mods to help us manage the Discord chats. This much needed support role will have access to a new staff lounge on the server which shall deal with Discord matters only.

FFF Staff who remain on the Discord shall be renamed ‘FFF Admin’ or ‘FFF Admin Support’ or ‘FFF Moderator’ and so on. We hope this should make it clear to more people where the distinctions are.

The second major change is that, while the rules on-site and on Discord will mostly follow the same sheet, punishments on one platform will not be carried over to the other. Naughty behaviour on the Discord will not give you an infraction on the forum, and vice versa.

Thirdly, we shall be making a few changes to the Discord server layout too. You might find us cleaning it up in the near future.

Other than these healthy distinctions between the two platforms, life on both shall continue and, with your help, thrive. We are extremely grateful to all of our members, both on the forum and on Discord, and we look forward to what the future holds for our community.

If anybody has any questions or queries, please do contact us.


Apr 30, 2009
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I think it's a smart move. I always saw the Discord chat as a limb, but I think it started to take on a life of it's own to the point where you saw people saying "I don't even visit the site anymore", which isn't good for the site itself. I'm sure it'll piss people off, but they'll get over it. Hey, it might even generate traffic.

I do find the rules part amusing though, considering the strict talking to I got last time I was on Discord. It's funny how that stuff works.

Anyways, hope it all works out for ya.