[Birthweek 2014] Game Review Contest


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May 31, 2012
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It's that time of year again! Birthweek 2014 has rolled around once more, bringing with it some of the most exciting competitions yet! For those of us who frequent the likes of Gaia and especially Rocket Town, our challenge of choice will be (drumroll please)...


Love video games? Ever wanted to share your thoughts about one with the world? Well, now's your chance! Welcome to the game of gamers, where we pit review against review, passion against passion, and see who comes out on top as the best critic of the coterie!


-Reviewers can cover any game of their choice—age, platform, and genre are for you to decide!

-In the same vein, reviews should begin by stating the chosen game's title, platform, and year of release

-Reviews must contain segments covering the following categories, if applicable: Gameplay, Story, and Graphics.

-However, reviews don't have to cover only those categories. For example, a music segment is recommended, though not required. Any other applicable categories and/or subcategories can be added as desired.

-Reviews should be based on a 5-point scoring system, with the final score being a rough average of the categories covered.

-Use of images is strongly encouraged.

-It should go without saying that reviewed games must have a maximum rating of M for Mature/PEGI 18.

Judging will be based on overall content quality and composition, grammatical correctness, and presentation of the views expressed in the review.

There will be three winners for the contest, with prizes given as follows:

1st Place: 750 gil, and your review will be featured on the FFF's homepage and Reviews area!

2nd Place: 400 gil, and your review will be featured on the FFF's Reviews area!

3rd Place: 200 gil, and your review will be featured in Rocket Town's Game Reviews area

In addition, all entrants will receive 100 gil just for participating (winners included)!

Entries should be submitted by PM to me, Kirito , between now and the cutoff date of June 22. Submissions can be made inside the PM system itself or as Word/OO.O doc attachments if preferred.

No duplicate/joke entries allowed!

Good luck, everyone!