A couple of stack questions


Chocobo Breeder
Feb 14, 2010
Ok first of all, just want to say this game is way better than I expected! And a lot more in depth than I imagined. Also it's good to see turn based is back!

Anyway, I've used a few different combos throughout my game so far. But for a while now I've stuck with the following 2 stacks for a while.

Sylph, reynn and right claw
Tama, lann, mythril giant.
And then used seeds and jewels to get the slightly better element spells.

I'm bumping into a few mirages that require status ailments to be caught so I have just swapped right claw for Marlboro for bad breath ability.

Anyway 2 fights later I find Left claw! So now do I stick with what I'm doing or do I bring left claw back and replace mythril giant in the other stack with left claw as I've heard the 2 claws together I deadly with the sync node activated?

As a side question is there a straight to the point guide on how to learn certain abilities. I've figured the easy ones out such as fira. But I need to know what abilities combine to make flare and other abilities that aren't as obvious.

Edit: I've also been levelling ifrit and Shiva in the background at the bottom of my party as I intended to use them eventually! There's so much choice !
I’m glad you’re enjoying the game. I've also been pleasantly surprised by it!

I do believe putting claws together is useful, and you might find it effective.
However, the game really encourages you to regularly swap your mirages in your stacks. Give different ones a go as often as you can. If you like a particular stack arrangement, make a note of it.

I recommend catching as many mirages as you can in each zone too. It can become difficult to catch low-levelled mirages later on when you become too powerful and end up instantly killing them. Even if you keep some mirages at low levels, you'd then need to unstack yourself so that Lann and Reynne's attacks don't do too much damage. It makes it really difficult.

There may well be a good guide out there for abilities, but I've struggled to find much information on World of Final Fantasy in general when I've tried in the past. It seems to be a very underrated game, therefore fewer decent guides. I'm not sure what the official guide is like, if that's worth a shot. Though that means money, so...
Haha someone else surprised. Maybe it's underrated because of first impressions. I watched the opening 20mins on a twitch stream and read the Xbox store description and it just wasn't sold to me.

It wasn't until I read an in-depth review about the battle system that I decided to put my hand in my pocket.
I honestly thought it was one of those games just thrown together with a good name on the front to sell it, couldn't believe how good it actually is.

And the turn based is a good selling point to me. I grew up in the snes era of RPGs so the only "recent" one I enjoyed before this was FFX and I'm really looking forward to the exact date of the Xbox version being released.

Back to this game, I often do what you suggested and swap them around. The problem now is, the 10 spaces are feeling limited. I want to keep certain mirages with me as I feel they'll be useful later so I want them to level up... but I also have to keep certain ones there because they have useful support abilities such as sizzle and flutter.

Gonna change up my mirages soon. Can't decide between the big claws or ifrit and Shiva to see what abilities I can combine.

As for the small dudes, I've still got sylph and tama but they're just racking up SP as their boards are full and apparently you don't get their other forms until end game. Was thinking baby tonberry on one stack, not for ability reasons but tonberrys are just cool haha, even in baby form.
Yeah. I often found myself in an awkward position where I'd switch out some mirages before entering a new area only to discover that I needed a mirage with a particular ability in order to progress. So I end up having to swap mirages again anyway with an underlevelled mirage just to use the ability on the field. :argor:

Most of the time (not all of the time) there are some local mirages which can be caught which can learn the required abilities. If not, usually the area before has them.
I have a question regarding the claws. They both have several blank spaces so I initially thought this is good for stacks.
Example, right claw blank space is blizzara, then bablizz is stacked on top so I get blizzaga. Easy.

But if I activitate the sync skill on both claws does it work across both stacks? So left claw and right claw each learn fire, iceand thunder in their blank spaces could I potentially get flare?

Wasn't sure if there were some hidden benefits to syncing the claws.

Finally, I'm guessing it's better to learn the entire board of skills and then transfig them both to opposite claws to both get 100%?
I usually did it like that. I focused on making each mirage learn everything (or as much as possible) before transfiguration. I could never get my head around the best way of doing it though. On a second playthrough I think I'll definitely need to be more tactical with it.

I'm not sure how the sync skill for the claws works on that level. If you've tried it I'd be interested in hearing from you if it let you get flare.
It took me until about mid game before I realised it's much better to transfig just the one mirage and learn everything with that exact mirage and not other copies of it. Unless of course you want to use different forms together.

I did transfig both claws so I could get 100% sync on each but I'm yet to use them.
I've finished "the end?" So obviously I'm working my way through some tough battles now which is why I haven't tried the claws. I've switched my large mirages to ifrit and Shiva. I can absorb ice and resist wind in one stack, and I can absorb fire and resist thunder on the other. This is very useful on some of this battles where the enemy wields powerful 'aga' spells, one stack always takes very little or no damage.