[09/03] FFXV director: I hope the ending will make fans cry + have same emotional impact as FFVII

I agree with the point about someone saying we need to form our own opinions of the game when it comes out, instead of just thinking it's going to be sad because a Square-Enix staff member stated it would be.

I think the emotion of the game is all on the gamer. I found FFX to be very sad at the end, but on the other hand, Final Fantasy VII, I did not really have to much care into the early death in that game. HOWEVER, I did find that I was a bit surprised and pissed about the death of a main character in Final Fantasy V. It may just be all on how many FF games you've played, your age, what your used to in life.

Heck, Razberry Knight probably cries everytime they watch the Lion King even for the 50th time, but Cabbage can see it once and never bat an eye at Mufasa's death. It's all personal opinion/emotion/circumstances. I think FFXV will be good. A tear-jerker? I don't know about that, but we'll see.

I've become ever so emotional in recent years, I'll have you know. All my deaths must have caught up with me soulcorruptor Rich Uncle Pennybags . Related to this game, I can't see myself caring overly much, but it'd be lovely for it to be otherwise. Square tends to force an emotion and doesn't let anything be subtle or natural anymore...we'll see.