[05/08] Europe Gets Final Fantasy XIII-2 When?

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Dec 30, 2007
Final Fantasy XIII-2 will debut in Japan first with a planned launch in December. North America gets the game a month later in January 2012. Europe? According to a Square Enix investors report "early 2012."


Other key releases for 2011 include Final Fantasy Type-0 for PSP (October 13), Slime MoriMori Dragon Quest 3 for 3DS (winter 2011), and Fortune Street for Wii (2011). Nintendo will bring Fortune Street, the first English version of the long running Itadaki Street series, to North America this year too.

Source: Siliconera
I love how Europe never gets anything specific when it comes to release dates. Are we really that hard to cater for? We're right in the fucking middle between the US and Japan here, and if they can get the game released in the US in English, why should it be so hard to get it released in Europe in English as well on the same day, if not before, or a couple of days afterwards?

It's not like we barricade our shores against invasion, or have some bizarre date system that the rest of the world can't understand, thereby making it impossible to guess. We're always the afterthought, and there is absolutely no reason and no excuse for it. FOR ONCE, BE SPECIFIC AND GIVE US A PROPER RELEASE DATE WITH THE REST OF THE WORLD, FOR CRYING OUT LOUD.

...although to be honest, I hope they forget about us for this one. I think the West has suffered enough from "Westernised" Japanese-developed titles. I won't complain if "early 2012" becomes "N/A" and then vanishes entirely in this case. In fact, I'd celebrate.
Usually Europe gets dumped last, but then we usually get special features and added extras, like the history of FF CD we got with FFX and added special bosses. I can't remember anything for KH2 though, but FF13 gave us a extra calendar so that was alright !
So maybe we'll get something extra. Plus if the game isn't as great, we know ahead of time, so we have a bigger chance of dodging a bullet.

Though Japan does get double extras in the end, like the extra KH scenes, which defeats the whole purpose of Europe getting empathy for having longer waiting times for some reason.
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