1. Wendy Oldbag

    Let's Replap Final Fantasy 9 [PS4][FIN]!

    Let's Replap Final Fantasy 9! Hey there folks, I'm really excited to bring to you the start of a new let's replay! Final Fantasy 9 has always been one of my favourite games and since it was my first ever let's play, it holds a special place in the ol' blood pumper. For those who don't know...
  2. R

    Selling my Final Fantasy VIII Squaresoft Employee Denim Shirt...check it out please!

    Hey all!! I have to sell my super rare, very very special FFVIII shirt I was given by a Squaresoft Employee back during or around an Ehrgeiz fighting tournament that I was a participant in. The Squaresoft ambassador gave me this shirt after I expressed an interest in being a character designer...
  3. Wendy Oldbag

    Let's Play Parasite Eve!

    Hey all, here comes a brand new Christmas series! Parasite Eve is a survival horror/RPG, with turn-based randomish battles. However, compared with Resident Evil/Silent Hill, this has great cutscenes. Like, almost Final Fantasy 8/9 quality cutscenes. You'll find this game available for the...
  4. D

    Rare/Lost Press kit..

    I remember a few years ago there was a very cool press kit that surfaced, that not only had concept art from FF7, but also behind the scenes photographs from the office of Squaresoft circa 1996. I distinctly remember seeing a photograph of Tetsuya Nomura in a cubical working on some pencil...
  5. Wendy Oldbag

    Let's Play Final Fantasy 9!

    Hey guys and gals, I thought I'd start chucking my Let's Play of FF9 (from Youtube) up here to try and boost my views and of course to boost the amount of enjoyment you each have in each of your days :) This is my first ever let's play, so there are some teething problems as I encounter new...