1. Cloud Squall

    Confusion: Why can't Sephiroth control Vincent??

    If Sephiroth can control the Jenova cells inside of Cloud, why can't he control Vincent in the same way? Vincent has the ability to transform due to Jenova cells inside of him, so Sephiroth therefore should be able to control him, right?
  2. T

    A horror themed Final Fantasy?

    By horror themes I of course mean tropes typically associated with horror, not that the game is trying to scare players. So scare factor is irrelevant here, only the themes matter. Let's get started. So looking back on Final Fantasy VII, you can notice it uses a bunch of horror tropes. The cave...
  3. D

    original 1997 kotobukiya first edition 1/8th scale resin sephiroth statue

    As the description reads, I am in possession of an original 1st edition 1/8th resin kotobukiya 1/8th scale sephiroth statue. I bought this in 1997 and it is in very good condition still in original box. just seeing if anyone is interested in this before i kick it over to ebay. send message if...
  4. _jayholden

    Final Fantasy VII Story: Everything You Need to Know

    Hi everyone, I made a summary of the Final Fantasy 7 story. I'd appreciate your feedback! ----- Follow me on Twitter:
  5. A

    why wont satan accept my soul

    Well I tried selling my soul to satan in order to summon sephiroth. When I tried to give my soul to satan nothing happned, spehirpoth didn't . Why didn't satan accept my soul. TT_TT
  6. A

    Sephiroth is a misunderstood victim

    Why do people think that sephiroth is a evil monster even though he is actually a victim Sephiroth grew up as a sexy badass SOLDIER loved by many , when he found out what he really was he was broken because it basically meant was a half human creature . This breakdown left him...
  7. S

    Final fantasy XV - Pertinacia

    Heyz you guys. The FF XV trailers have been hyping me up so much for this game that I created an original composition inspired by FF XV :D. Enjoy peepz!
  8. F

    How could Sephiroth possibly survive?

    This is something that's been bugging me lately. After Sephiroth dies the first time, he's in the lifestream for years. The second time, same thing happens. So how come, after dropping meteor, killing what's implied to be thousands of people, and being the greatest embodiment of JENOVA, he just...
  9. V

    How to survive the Jenova apocalypse

    so i found out how the world will end December 21st 2012... Its not a zombie apocalypse or the earth exploding or the magnetic poles shifting nay, it is Jenova the calamity of the skies, she will judge us all at the reunion until then i as a Jenovas witness will be preaching the tale of the...
  10. G

    Final Fantasy VII: Abridged - Episode 5 - "A Cloud To The Past"

    Just completed this weekend. FF7: Abridged - Episode 5 "A Cloud To The Past" Part 1 Part 2 If you enjoy our series, please show your support by Liking and Subscribing to our...
  11. A

    Hello everyone

    I am applet from the forums . I love final fantasy bishies, videogames anime, readin writing and jpop . My favorite food is pizza. I LOOOOVE Gackt he is one of the few real life men that can measure up to sephiroth's sexiness. I love him soo much i would take off my...
  12. AuronX

    Why the Final Fantasy VII Obsession Needs to End...Now.

    For Final Fantasy fans, it is no secret that the seventh installment of the series is widely regarded as the best the long-running name has to offer, with many going so far as to say that it is the best game ever created. Released in 1997 for the original Playstation, Final Fantasy VII...
  13. S

    One Winged Angel performed on the Piano

    Hey guys and girls! I uploaded a video a while back of the theme of Cait Sith. :) Anyway, this one was really hard to perform so I hope you all enjoy this!
  14. H

    (Sign-up/Discussion) Final Fantasy VII - Wish Upon a Meteorite

    I had this idea a while ago for a fanfiction but it was so open-ended that I never really got to it. Fortunately, it would be perfect here! Here's the idea in a nutshell: This is about two years or so after the original game, but with a twist - Sephiroth succeeded. The world is decaying as he...
  15. O

    does Sephiroth know Lucrecia?

    This is my dirty theory, you can argue or refine it. On the origional story, Lucrecia mentions that she can't die because of Jenova cell, and on DC, Hojo injected both the pregnant Lucrecia and her fetus with Jenova cells. So Lucrecia indeed has Jevova's cell. I think Sephiroth might know...
  16. O

    why does Sephiroth have no girlfriend?

    I read the issue that akak1034 mentioned, " We see that he does not have a Girlfriend in any games......" he said. I think it is intristing. Why does Sephiroth have no girlfriend? He is about 20 in CC already. His fine apperence, good manners and the great abilities, it would attract some girls...
  17. Link2010

    Sephiroth Conundrum

    BE WARNED!! THAR BE SPOILERS UP IN HERE I recently replayed FF VII and i remembered an old question from the first time i played this great game: If Sephiroth is crystalized in Mount Nibel(which you discover in disc 2) how could he have possibly killed President Shinra and Aerith? I could...