1. Linnaete

    First new E3 trailer for Kingdom Hearts III - Introducing the world of 'Frozen'

    Let it go, let it goooooo Microsoft held their E3 press conference this evening with a new trailer for Kingdom Hearts III part of Phil Spencer's lineup. The new world showcased in the trailer is the highly popular Frozen. To dispel with the professionalism for a moment, let it be known (if it...
  2. Sprout

    Let's Play Little Nightmares! [Blind] [FIN]

    Little Nightmares Hey folks, we're kicking off a new mini-series! This time around, we're going for Little Nightmares on the PS4, which is a horror game with platforming and puzzle-solving elements. I should probably mention that I'm going in blind. I've heard great things and seen a video...
  3. Sprout

    Let's Play Danganronpa [PS4]! [FIN]

    Danganronpa Hey there folks, welcome to a brand new let's play! This time around we're going for the PS4 remaster/port of a visual novel draped in blood, murder and mystery! If you like your Battle Royale style stories, then this should be right up your alley. It reminds me slightly of Mirai...
  4. Sprout

    Let's Replay Resident Evil 4! [Pro][PS4]

    Hey there folks, welcome to the start of a whole new let's replay! Resi 4 was always one of my favourite games and with October coming up, it's time to kick start the Halloween month with this! Resident Evil 4 was made by Capcom and Criware and is a survival horror mixed with incredibly heavy...
  5. GothicSyn

    Playstation PS4 Youtube CE-33126-5 Error Fix

    I already posted this on the PS Forums but for those having an Issue with getting Youtube to stream on PS4 encountering Error CE-33126-5. The solution for me seems to be clearing all text in the streams Description box, if I don't do this I get the error, after doing this the stream will fire...
  6. Sprout

    Playstation PS4 Community Sign-Ups!

    Hey all, with the PS4's 3.00 update we found out there's a new feature: communities! So, we decided to throw one up for this very forum. It'll help us all gather together on our PS4s and have parties, chat, beat each others' brains in (on games!!!) etc. So, if you want to join the community, it...