1. Dionysos

    Raids/Trials/sidequests. When is the best time to do them?

    So I realised that I have loads of uncompleted raid quests for both A Realm Reborn and Heavensward (I haven't got Stormblood or Shadowbringers yet). I'm primarily referring to all Bahamut coils (aside from the first) and all Alexander raids. I was initially content with waiting to do these when...
  2. VillainFan42

    SPOILERS My Problems with Final Fantasy 4

    I recently decided to replay a bunch of Final Fantasy games, and while my love for 6 and 10 were re-confirmed, I noticed that Final Fantasy 4 didn't hold up very well. Now, don't get me wrong, I think it's a fine game, probably the point where the series finally got a feel for what it was. But...
  3. N

    What Final Fantasy game in the Main Series do you think has the most balanced party?

    ANSWER POLL AND EXPLAIN BELOW!! By most balanced I mean the smallest difference in overall ability between each of the playable characters/classes? I see so many people making tier lists of what characters/classes are the best, but as someone still playing through many of the games, I am...
  4. SquallKefka17

    Help Final Fantasy IV Level Up/Balance Party for Lunar Subterrane

    Hi Playing through Final Fantasy IV on PSP. I've been a little clumsy levelling up (taking on Queen Asura at level 35 was not the best idea ). I have my party at levels 47(Rydia) to 50 (Kain and Cecil). I defeated the 4 Elemental archfiends with around 110,000 HP fairly easy along with CPU but...