final fantasy 7

  1. luigipunk

    JENOVA Eurobeat / Initial D style mix (Final Fantasy VII)

    Hello Hello! ^_^ I have been improving my skills and was finally ready to make a Final Fantasy mix that i was going to be proud of! BUT I really would like to hear the opinion of other great Final Fantasy fans on how does my Eurobeat Mix of "Jenova" sound like? I do understand that Euobeat is a...
  2. K

    Small but sweet VII Discord invite A small little server for fans of all games, but especially VII to come together and bond over their love of this wonderful game in the series. There are chat rooms for VII tips, character discussions, OCs, roleplaying, and separate chats for the other games! It's a...
  3. C

    no music in final fantasy 7 for steam?

    So i have a bit of a problem when i bot the steam ver of final fantasy 7 i find out that there is no music past the train scene. so i go to the steam forum and ask why i have no music. then i get a reply he says that steam cut the music from the hole game something about them making the file...
  4. @

    Final Fantasy VII - Podcast Tribute Episode from Arcade Attack

    Hi Guys, Please enjoy Arcade Attack's special 6th podcast episode that pays huge tribute to possibly the best game ever made - Final Fantasy 7: Hopefully we have done the game the justice it deserves. Kindest regards, Adrian
  5. cmarabate

    "Who was in your party?" FFVII Shirt Designs

    Here are is small selection my Final Fantasy VII "Who was in your party?" shirt designs. I literally made 2 versions of each party combination. My personal favorite party combination was Cloud, Cid, and Vincent. Who was in your party?
  6. T

    A horror themed Final Fantasy?

    By horror themes I of course mean tropes typically associated with horror, not that the game is trying to scare players. So scare factor is irrelevant here, only the themes matter. Let's get started. So looking back on Final Fantasy VII, you can notice it uses a bunch of horror tropes. The cave...
  7. _jayholden

    Final Fantasy VII Story: Everything You Need to Know

    Hi everyone, I made a summary of the Final Fantasy 7 story. I'd appreciate your feedback! ----- Follow me on Twitter:

    We need Voice Actors for our Final Fantasy OTR project!

    We need Voice Actors! [CLOSED] Ah, here we go again. Ok, so the thing is that we need a lot of voices for our OTR project (OTR means Old Time Radio, for you youngsters out there who don't know of the good ol' days). There are only a couple of things that you should remember when auditioning...
  9. zone

    10 ways to die in Final Fantasy

  10. zone

    Black Final Fantasy Characters

    To be honest it's a great feeling to see characters like Sazh and Barret represented in the FInal Fantasy series because they definitely bring something different to the table as opposed to their more popular counterparts. Anyway here's a look back at black characters in Final Fantasy, enjoy.
  11. A

    Final Fantasy 7 guides

    Hello Im a long time final fantasy fan, more or less since i could first turn on a computer. Im looking to finish off my collection now but I would like to know the difference between these two guides...
  12. C

    Final Fantasy VII - The Web Series

    Apparently some fellow fans who are both passionate and talented want to create a web series. Sounds hoakey, I know. But this actually looks kinda promising. Check out their kickstarter page if interested...
  13. FinalFantasyVIICC

    Why doesn't Final Fantasy VII Crisis Core have its own place in the forums

    Final Fantasy Crisis Core was the first Final Fantasy I ever played and it was the game that got me into the series. I was a normal kid who insulted the Final Fantasy series before having played any of them. One day my step brother gave me Crisis Core and I played it thinking it was going to be...
  14. G

    Final Fantasy VII: Abridged

    PLEASE NOTE: We realize that the SonsOfSatire had already started their version called "Final Fantasy VII: The Abridged Series." Their series, however, has not updated since July of 2010 with no sign of continuing. As such, we believe a video game so greatly renowned deserves to be finished...
  15. N

    Final Fantasy - Prelude (Nick Bliss Remix) - 808 bass music FREE DOWNLOAD

    Hey everyone, I thought I'd stop in and drop this tune in here for anyone who might be interested in a remix of the classic save theme music, otherwise known as prelude. I was and still am a huge fan of the game, and I'm excited to share this with other final fantasy fans. If you like what you...
  16. G

    Final Fantasy VII: Abridged - Episode 9 - "Homeward Cloud"

    Guess what's up on our YouTube channel and rarin' ta go! Want to see our previous episodes? Sure, here you go! As always, please be sure to click the Like and Subscribe buttons if you enjoyed our video. It helps us know that we're doing well and that you guys want us to continue. The Final...
  17. G

    Final Fantasy VII: Abridged - Blooper Reel!

    A collection of unused voice clips that demonstrate how our LUCK is not our highest stat here at Final Fantasy VII: Abridged... As always, if you found this video (or any of our videos) enjoyable, please be sure to LIKE and SUBSCRIBE! Final Fantasy is owned by Square-Enix and Hironobu...
  18. G

    Final Fantasy VII: Abridged Valentine's Day Special! (Speed Dating)

    Happy Valentine's Day, Everyone! Hope you guys enjoy our special! Make sure to like and subscribe to our channel if you enjoy our videos! That way, we know to keep making 'em! Thanks for watching!
  19. G

    Final Fantasy VII: Abridged - Episode 8 - "The Cloudshank Redemption"

    It's ready! As always, SquarEnix owns Final Fantasy, while we just own this video. We also remind those of you playing the home version that this is strictly a fan-based parody. If you like this, please show us that you do by clicking the button of the same title ("Like,") and tell your...
  20. G

    Final Fantasy VII: Abridged - Episode 5 - "A Cloud To The Past"

    Just completed this weekend. FF7: Abridged - Episode 5 "A Cloud To The Past" Part 1 Part 2 If you enjoy our series, please show your support by Liking and Subscribing to our...