1. Dionysos

    Information Mythology Manual Noticeboard

    Welcome to the Final Fantasy Forums’ Mythology Manual Noticeboard! This shall serve as a hub for the Mythology Manual article series (2015-present). Any news relating to the Final Fantasy Forums Mythology Manual (FFFMM) shall be posted here so that it is easier to keep up to date. What is the...
  2. Dionysos

    FFFMM Halloween Special: Phantom Train and Doomtrain.

    FFFMM Halloween Special - Phantom Train and Doomtrain: Spooky Trains on Separate Tracks. Ghost trains have captured the imaginations of many people. Not only are there real-world reports of haunted trains, but they appear in literature, and dark rides in theme parks and fairgrounds labelled as...
  3. D00MTRAIN

    Wassup peeps

    Hey there forum, my name's Dave (28) and from British Columbia, Canada. I guess it's pretty obvious I'm into Final Fantasy lol. My first experience with Final Fantasy was when my uncle gave me Final Fantasy Mystic Quest for the SNES after he found out he didn't like it. My uncle didn't like...