1. Dionysos

    Who is your favourite FFXIV NPC?

    After a long absence I have recently been playing FFXIV again and have resumed the main storyline (post-ARR and close to accessing Heavensward content). I’ve only just started to appreciate some of the FFXIV characters again. Who is your favourite? Do you have a particular individual you are...
  2. N

    What Final Fantasy game in the Main Series do you think has the most balanced party?

    ANSWER POLL AND EXPLAIN BELOW!! By most balanced I mean the smallest difference in overall ability between each of the playable characters/classes? I see so many people making tier lists of what characters/classes are the best, but as someone still playing through many of the games, I am...
  3. Shenorai

    Shenorai's Gallery

    Since I couldn't find my old gallery for the sake of comparing five years of progress, I'll just show you folks what I've been up to as of late. As a note, I no longer have my scanner. That was left behind during the move. However, I now have a webcam for my sketch books and my old Wacom Bamboo...