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    [FF IX] Would you like to see a remake/spinoff to this game?

    I would love to have a remaster version with some minor additions... - A none random encounter equipment - You could change the party members anywhere you want... - A bit greedy but an extra scene say something like The Spring in FF X would make it nearly perfect ^^~
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    I've just replayed the game for the 3rd time and...

    Ok guys, After a while I'm here again... To all people that disagree with me, Firstly I thank you all for letting me know your opinions. I'm too lazy to quote and I don't intend to debate on the matter since it's pretty subjective... Like I said in my 1st post it's just my personal...
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    Replaying the game !!?

    I got myself a platinum trophy 2 years ago for the 1st attepmt but that's it. I haven't touched the game since then... I did enjoy it but FF XIII is just not compelling enough for me to replay as other FF. How's about you guys... How many times have you beaten the game !!?
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    I've just replayed the game for the 3rd time and...

    So up until now I've played FFVIII for a total 3 times. The 1st time when I was in junior high, I went over the game all by myself without any help and I didn't pay much attention to the texts. The 2nd time I used a walkthrough guide in order to discover all the secrets of the game. Thus, I...