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  • I don't know, because remember right before that, Locus calls those guys and tells them to go back to base because the reds and blues are on the move.

    Something fishy is going on. :gasp:
    I think so. It only lasted for a split second, then stopped. Makes me wonder if they are being followed. :gasp:
    Yeah, Donut was snaked as well. Also, did you see the brief little shimmer in the background right at the end?
    I would go swimming, but I don't have a pool. :sad3:

    As soon as he said the word Caboose, I was all like "Here we go." I laughed so hard at that part as well. Then the end got all serious and stuff.
    Felix is awesome, indeed. Especially when he does like he did in the last episode. :wacky:

    I am glad it is summer, though I certainly did not miss the heat that came with it. It is very hot in the desert. :sad3:
    I probably have them set to friends only :hmmm: I'll add you and see if that fixes it! :lew: (though I swear I've added you already...whatever)

    I've been good. Pretty much working full time during the summer and all. Getting ready to go in now, actually. :hmph: morning shifts are the devils spawn.
    Kylie :gasp: How dare you vm me and not have vms allowed on your page!! Diabolical.

    WAIT do you watch RvB :jess:

    I've been busy but fabulous. Working 2 jobs is a bit stressful, but I am just so happy it's now summer. How are you?
    B-but...I wanted to be Tucker...:sad2:

    ...kidding. :lew: well, I did, but I'm in a theme so I'm totally sticking with Sara for now :awesome: how've you been!?
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