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    My new Tattoo Kefka in the front representing VI And Griever symbol in the back representing VIII & Squall.
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    Dancing Mad Tattoo finished!

    Amazing tattoo superb tribute to Kefka and FF VI.
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    FFVII General Discussion

    I can't have been the first to witness this bit of dialog from a probably by now cliched renaming of Barrett.
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    Final Fantasy VII Remake

    Replaying through FF VII on PSP last night if they decide to dump the annoying sneak sequence in the Shinra Tower I won't cry over it. I mean you bust in the building then for one floor all of a sudden you are sneaking and flung into drawn out random battles and thrown back to the start of the...
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    Naming Characters

    Err maybe I did go too far. :facepaw: Even Gilgamesh is appalled!!!! :lolwhack: My apologies FFIX fans still loving the game at the moment demeaning renaming and all!!!
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    "Fixing" Final Fantasy

    Except a title should never lose it's identity and forget what got it invited to the dance in the first place. Also it should evolve gradually not morph into something completely different to appease new gamers who want brain dead gameplay. My bone of contention has always been how it went from...
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    Naming Characters

    It's not childish to change the names it's only a bit of a laugh. Anyhow on my current playthrough I've been a bit of a jerk in my renaming. Steiner-FukFace Freya-Bitch Quina-(I won't even say it on the forum it's not a nice name) Zidane (to Amarant)" Alright we'll call you A******" Zidane to...
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    Petition Final Fantasy VI to be completely remade!!!

    I already signed this petition a month or two ago not that I expect it to be heard like Fleur said its stuff like Petitions on Cecil the lion that tends to get noticed on Of course I would love to see it remade the final boss battle in 3d would be amazing and I've seen a amateur tech...
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    "Fixing" Final Fantasy

    They strayed from XI online onwards and things started crashing from there. Started trying to make the games something they were not from RPGs into Action RPGs and online RPGs they seem to misunderstand the term if it ain't broke don't fix it. Yeah think of the love and hate both XII and XIII...
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    [05/08] Final Fantasy XV Dawn Trailer.

    Meh the dog was the highlight of the trailer for me maybe he 'll turn out to be playable or in what would be an original but unlikely twist of events he may end up being the games final boss slipping under the radar of all in the XV world. I'll probably end up buying this anyway but I haven't...
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    Ending Debate *Spoilers*

    But the problem with that is FF VIII implies from the outset that Ultimecia is trying to defy her fate of been defeated by SeeD. For that to work out would literally mean selective memory loss on Ultimecia's part that she would remember who is going to travel to the future to defeat her but not...
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    Ending Debate *Spoilers*

    Nah for me the R= U theory would have meant Rinoa from the future was possesing herself from the past and that Rinoa from the past travelled to kill herself in the future. It also means that Rinoa/Ultimecia from the future tried to kill both her beloved and herself(thus erasing her own existense...
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    FFVIII General Discussion

    Yeah the Squall is dead theory I completely disregard that theory is really clutching at straws. Rinoa = Ultimecia theory is a little more believable but I feel that gets cancelled out by the Paradox that it would mean Rinoa has gone from the past to kill herself in the future and that Rinoa...
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    Final Fantasy VII Remake

    What I don't get is why they are calling a meteor a star??? :wtf:
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    [FF IX] Necron

    I think so too Garland before the boss battle with him says he exists to wait for a time when there is no life and death. Isn't that essentially the situation when necron is facing off against the pary?