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  • Here's what, will give it a try sometime this week. :D I'll let you know if I can come up with something, but feel free to make a public request if you'd like, in the section I linked you. =] Our GFX artists are a bit absent as of late. Just a heads up.
    You're welcome. Depending on what you're looking for (what characters etc), I may be able to make you a signature? All up to you though.
    Heya, I noticed your request in Captain Squee's thread, figured I'd shoot you a message and help you out.

    In the request section: http://www.finalfantasyforums.net/forums/72-Requests
    You can place a general graphics request, I suggest you provide an image of a character you want, most artists will appreciate this.

    You can also look around for which Graphics Shop is active here: http://www.finalfantasyforums.net/forums/106-Signature-Shops
    But note that not a whole lot of people are active with their shops.

    I'm still trying to figure out if I want to go ahead and close inactive shops (6+ months), so apologies if you have a hard time looking around for it.

    Hope that helped you out a bit.
    I play on the PS3 (though tried out PC for the very first time today) and it's just a matter of getting used to the hotbar. You might have to play around with some settings and see which ones you like best. As a dragoon myself, targeting enemies is pretty easy now, though as an Archer, it's a pain. xD I still prefer to have a controller in my hands, but I don't mind having a keyboard to help. Now that I've tried out the PC version, I'm still looking to set up a controller soon, though training myself with keyboard movement wouldn't be a bad idea. Still planning on playing on the PS3 especially when doing dungeons since it's second nature to me now. PC is just my backup in case I wanna do some crafting/gathering or whatever's easy and the PS3's being used for Netflix, etc.

    Anyway, give it some time and you'll get it in no time. =]
    Welcome to the FF14 world. :) Hope you stick around. The game's highly addicting.

    Try adding my character when you get a chance sometimes.
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