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    FF7: Book of Deconstructions

    Quick question: Does anybody have a english translated version of this book? I'm curious on the developers thought process on how or why they did certain things while creating the game but I can't read Japanese :sad3: Thanks in advance!
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    FFVII Headcanons

    Well if we consider that Advent Children never happened (which I like to do; not that I don't like the movie although the story isn't great; it's probably fun to watch one time for the fight-scenes and that's about it) then I like to think Cloud and Tifa get married and have a family at the end...
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    Where would you live?

    Gonna have to be Balamb Garden. Place is friggin beautiful It's a friggin school where you learn from like the age of 10 upwards how to be an assasin. Pretty much an anime nerds wet dream. There is a nice garden center ( with monsters might I add) that you can visit even if you are traveling.
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    Article: FFXIV Patch 3.2 preliminary details - new housing to come in Patch 3.3!

    While I do agree that creating original content is important, that bike is so damn cool though! I don't play XIV anymore but I could see alot of people buying it if they made one.
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    Dragon Mage Breaks Down The FF7 Plot (So You Don't Have To)

    I have another question! Why does Sephiroth wait 7 years to reanimate Jenova's body and start wreaking havoc on everyone? Why not sooner?
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    FFIX in HD - Here's what it would look like

    Impressive artwork...definitely clearer and more colorful than the original.
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    Official FFXIV Player List

    Roshidon Fairweather/ all classes yo/ Leviathan
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    Name of your retainers?

    Scallywag and Huscarl
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    New classes?

    So who here is going to be trying out the new classes? I used to main as a bard until a few months ago when my computer got put out of commission so machinist might be a good route to go for me, but who knows? Anyone looking on trying tanking just for the uber-coolness of being a Dark Knight...
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    Character's Name

    Roshidon...made this while I was a kid and have been using it since. I distinctly remember being inspired by dinosaurs at the time... My surname Fairweather....just thought it sounded cool. I would add a pic of my character but not playing FFxiv or my computer atm cuz my cat peed on it. damn cats.
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    FFXIV General Discussion

    So I transferred my character to Leviathan a few weeks ago. Wish I had checked here first since most of you are on Lamia = X If anyone else is on Leviathan and wants to play, hit me up!
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    FFXIV should have stayed the way it was

    I miss some things from 1.0. I think there will always be that nostalgia aspect to games though. Especially good ones, you play them and play them again until they are wore out, then you play them again but only for a few moments before you get bored. You miss the experience that you had with...
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    Favourite dialogue?

    I like Squall's inner monologue. It was the first time I've played a game where it shows what the main character is thinking, and I think the only game I've ever played that has done it to that extent. Besides that, he has alot of realistic feelings so it just makes the game alot more...
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    FFXIV General Discussion

    Wow that is rediculous. I think i have 250k to my name. The house better have some huge benefit to be costing that much.
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    FFXIV General Discussion

    Great post Hakumen, alotta useful information there. I like how yoshi goes into explaining WHY he does what he does instead of just saying, "This is gonna happen, and this, and this." Definitely a problem with the game right now is a tome cap of 300 but I can understand they have to...