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    SPOILERS FFVII Remake Spoiler Discussion Thread

    Thanks for that interview Dionysos! It's a little confusing though to be honest. I didn't read the whole thing but near the end it states that they want to keep things close to the original, but this seems in contrast to what they have done so far. Final Fantasy VII Remake is already vastly...
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    SPOILERS [FF VIIR] Ending thoughts and feelings overall about particular things

    Unfortunately it looks like Squenix is going to end up changing more than they needed to just for the sake of "doing something different". The original FF7 was a great game. If it's not broke, don't fix it right? Anyways, it appears we will have to wait for Part 2 or even Part 3 to truly...
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    SPOILERS FFVII Remake Spoiler Discussion Thread

    See I figured the different Stamp design was an alternate timeline where Zack lives. As far as Biggs surviving, that should have happened before Cloud and co. even entered the portal into Interstellar territory so I have no idea what's going on there. Unless you're saying when they came out of...
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    FFVII Remake General Discussion

    If there was one thing I'd like to see changed in the next part it is the AI of the party members. I like fast-paced combat (I don't really play RPG's with turn-based or freeze-style combat anymore) and I don't want to have to switch to another party member to use an ability because they wont...
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    SPOILERS FFVII Remake Spoiler Discussion Thread

    Nah it looked like he was laying on a hospital bed with a bandage wrapped around his head. On that note, we see another deviation from the original: Sephiroth stabs Barret on the top of the Shinra building but the Whispers save him. Whos to say they didn't save Biggs and Jessie?
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    SPOILERS FFVII Remake Spoiler Discussion Thread

    Gonna have to agree with you here. The graphics were amazing and even the combat system is fun, which is a first for me in a while considering the last FF (non-MMO) I've enjoyed was FF10. I did the sidequests from Sector 7 and 5 so far and albeit some of them arn't very engaging, they do let you...
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    SPOILERS FFVII Remake Spoiler Discussion Thread

    Overall I think it was a great game, however I did start taking off stars (from 10/10) once they reached the Shinra Building. They just changed so much here and I get that they are trying to get people hooked on the lore of FF7 but I don't agree with straight up changing things. If that was the...
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    FF7: Book of Deconstructions

    Quick question: Does anybody have a english translated version of this book? I'm curious on the developers thought process on how or why they did certain things while creating the game but I can't read Japanese :sad3: Thanks in advance!
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    FFVII Headcanons

    Well if we consider that Advent Children never happened (which I like to do; not that I don't like the movie although the story isn't great; it's probably fun to watch one time for the fight-scenes and that's about it) then I like to think Cloud and Tifa get married and have a family at the end...
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    Where would you live?

    Gonna have to be Balamb Garden. Place is friggin beautiful It's a friggin school where you learn from like the age of 10 upwards how to be an assasin. Pretty much an anime nerds wet dream. There is a nice garden center ( with monsters might I add) that you can visit even if you are traveling.
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    Article: FFXIV Patch 3.2 preliminary details - new housing to come in Patch 3.3!

    While I do agree that creating original content is important, that bike is so damn cool though! I don't play XIV anymore but I could see alot of people buying it if they made one.
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    Dragon Mage Breaks Down The FF7 Plot (So You Don't Have To)

    I have another question! Why does Sephiroth wait 7 years to reanimate Jenova's body and start wreaking havoc on everyone? Why not sooner?
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    FFIX in HD - Here's what it would look like

    Impressive artwork...definitely clearer and more colorful than the original.
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    Official FFXIV Player List

    Roshidon Fairweather/ all classes yo/ Leviathan
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    Name of your retainers?

    Scallywag and Huscarl