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    What RPG Is As Good As A Final Fantasy Game?

    I thought Chrono Cross was pretty awesome. But anyways, I always thought that the Shadow Hearts series was freaking awesome. It's still an RPG, but a different kind; it's much more bloody and can be a bit more comical aswell.
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    Do You Play FFXI?

    You're gonna have to contact Squenix for that one. They should be able to look it up with your name, address, SS and credit card you used for that account, that's how I got mine restored a long time ago. But on the topic, yes, I DID play it. I personally thought I was damn good and lots of...
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    Last Movie You've Seen

    I'll have to agree with that one. Last movie I saw was "What's Eating Gilbert Grape" at work earlier today. I have to say that is a fantastic movie and Leo Dicaprio's finest role yet.
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    What Is The Point Of Drinking

    Personally I've found that I can make do without alcohol, but what I'm guessing Laro is implying is the stereotypical high schooler or college dood, who apparently go out just to get smashed. However, I agree that in most cases, alcohol is used as a tool for socialization. Nothing wrong with...
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    Well good evening!

    Thank you for the warm welcome. I am planning to stick around for a bit, so hopefully I'll see you around. ^^
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    [FF IX] Would you like to see a remake/spinoff to this game?

    I hate going against popular opinion, but I don't think a sequel should be made. Out of personal opinion and experience, sequels usually (not always, I'll admit) tend to suck. I, for one, am one of those people who does not like change in stuff like this. If they were to make a sequel, I would...
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    Favourite part of the game

    I absolutely agree. That mash-button scene thing with Blank was awesome! And yeah, it helped that the music was catchy too. I also enjoyed very much the battle for Alexandria were you're running through what I'm guessing is the main street, hacking your way through with Beatrix and Steiner. And...
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    Well good evening!

    Been browsing around to see what community I would like to join. Stumbled upon this one and decided "Hey, why nawt?!". I'm a HUGE Final Fantasy, Square-Enix (I preferred Squaresoft, to me the games under that banner were better, but I'm weird like that ; ; ) and overall RPG fan. My favorite...