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    Combat Styles

    I've always prefered melee attacks to magic, mostly because I like swords and guns to staffs and maces. But sometimes the game dictates whether you use more magic, melee or support, in this case in the beginnig od the game you resort to magic and gf while at the the end they are usless, except...
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    Your Perfect Party

    My party was Squall, Zell and Rinoa. Zell was the coolest character in the game :D and Rinoa is the lead girl, plus she had some awesome moves :D
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    What's your team like?

    My party was Cloud, Tifa and Cid. Cid has the awesome limit breaks, and I just had to have one female character in the party, also b**bs :D
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    Final Fantasy & Age

    I think that the characters are mostly that age because that is their target populous they want to entice. Also the fact that that is the age when a person is still confused about a lot of things, has so much he has to decide on, what to do with his life and what not. That is the age we dream of...
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    No one saying " Tidus " in the game

    It is because you can chose a name, if you didn't have a choice like some other games then it would be set Tidus, which I kind of like, because he has a persona and flaws and stuff a name is only natural. If it was an RPG where you make the character from scratch then naming him yourself would...
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    When does a person cease to be young?

    When he can't climb two stairs without having to take a brake for air. :D
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    Rainbow Falls: Base

    For two days I've been trying to go up the cliff and get to the passage above with no result, is there a way at all? I'm playing with Ven and he is the first I chose to play with.
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    Aerith's Sacrifice

    I agree, I forgot to write that in my post. I think it's both though, she was a threat because she was summoning Holy.. I need to replay this game :D
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    Aerith's Sacrifice

    I was joking, and why so serious..?? You guys are reading too into this IMO. She was the only one that could activate holy right? So she was Sephiroths target, if it was Cloud who activated it he would have probably been the one to go. This way though the game became epic, if it were...
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    Rate the song above you

    4/10 just because of the witty lyrics :D
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    Aerith's Sacrifice

    First I just want to say something and not get shot or hanged in public.. Aerith and Cloud would have never happened >.< It is clear that Aerith loved Zack, and Cloud only reminded her of him and the time they spent together. Cloud and Tifa are childhood friends and each other's first love...
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    Hi ^^

    It is, but I'm using edge and thos site is big so the load time is slow, plus the bill... xD
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    Hi ^^

    Thanks all, I'll try to be as active as i can x)
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    Hi ^^

    I joined 2007 stoped posting a little back because I was busy with work... how hard would it be to set up a mobile version?
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    Hi ^^

    Hi everyone, it's been a while since I've posted here, good to see the place is still lively as ever, the staff has been doing a good job x) I wanted to ask, does the site have a mobile version?