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    [V6] What are you currently listening to?

    Watched three times, shed tears three times. Not even ashamed. Just because this lady's ability is mesmerising. 🙌
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    [V5] What's Your Mood?

    Excellent. Fiancee and I finally - 8 months / 36 weeks / 255 days - since our offer was accepted have had our new house legally exchanged and is ours next Friday. Probably won't be able to move in until January 2021 and will, without doubt, be a manic few weeks prepping for our new arrival...
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    Rhythm-action spinoff Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory announced for PS4, Xbox One & Switch

    From what I can remember, it is the remix version in MoM - I think Deep Jungle (Tarzan) and The Caribbean (PoTC) are not included because of licensing issues. Just completed it last night (354/354 stars) and it was a thoroughly enjoyable rhythm game - outside of the last 15-20 minutes, there's...
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    Game Screenshots: Architecture Gallery

    Couldn't pass up photo mode in God of War and The Last of Us 2. Gorgeous games.
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    Your Favourite Videogame Songs!

    Having just finished The Last of Us 2 and God of War (2018), a couple of new editions. I'm going to have to go with a very difficult decision in naming a top 3 for God of War (2018) - the soundtrack is phenomenal and would be very easy just to link to the whole thing. 1. Ashes (the vocals from...
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    CDPR implement Mandatory Overtime for final stretch of Cyberpunk 2077

    It depends largely on the severity of the crunch, both in terms of hours worked and workplace environment. I would be surprised if every single CDPR employee is working the same length of hours - there are probably some employees that have completed (or close to completed) their contribution...
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    Playstation Which Playstation 5 version are you getting?

    Physical version. The digital version comes in at £90.00 less, but for my own personal preferences, it's far more expensive to purchase digital over the long term. Digital is only cost effective if you intend to keep all physical purchases; the additional cost of going physical is completely...
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    [V6] What are you currently listening to?

    Completely forgot Foxes existed for about three years until I stumbled across her again today. Had some banging hits 6/7 years ago then disappeared. Favourite female vocalist and can't wait for the new album in November. Absolute babe. ☝
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    Final Fantasy XVI General Discussion Thread

    I'm half surprised, half unsurprised. There was a large part of me that thought it was in early development given the lack of overall footage, and what was shown looked very similar throughout. However, part of me also thought after the reveal trailer that it looks a fairly early PS4...
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    SPOILERS FFVII Remake Spoiler Discussion Thread

    There are large elements of that email that make no sense from either a business or development standpoint. The Crisis Core points make it sound like a Boris Johnson press conference: "Crisis Core will be completely written out and plot points entirely discarded, except those that aren't and...
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    Six's Graphics

    I hated them... until I came across stalkers (which I completely forgot were introduced in The Last of Us), and then they weren't so bad. Nothing creepier than those mofos hiding behind furniture in the pitch black. I'm particularly a fan of the third version of the three; I get real Stranger...
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    Final Fantasy XVI General Discussion Thread

    I wouldn't be concerned about Final Fantasy XVI not coming to Xbox at some stage, in fact, I'd put good money on it coming to Xbox. Unless Sony are directly funding the project - either significantly or in part - it makes zero financial sense for Square Enix to make it exclusive, certainly...
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    Rhythm-action spinoff Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory announced for PS4, Xbox One & Switch

    I think for certain there will be major plot points - I can't really think of any Kingdom Hearts games (inc. spin-offs) that don't carry any major plot points, even if they are tagged on to the very end like Coded - albeit, I think MoM will be entirely based around rhythm gameplay with cutscenes...
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    Final Fantasy XVI announced; console exclusive to PS5 and also coming to PC

    I really struggled to grasp what I felt about this announcement as it was revealed, and having rewatched the trailer, I still struggle with it. It comes across as a very generic game which is a little concerning; despite XII, XIII & XV splitting opinion, they never felt generic. Alternatively...
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    [V5] What's Your Mood?

    Exhausted. Been a very up and down couple of weeks: Got to find out we'll be having a baby boy in February, so super excited there! Currently in the process of trying to get our mortgage offer extended which expires on Friday; hopefully, if this goes through it will be only a couple of...