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  • Hah, point isn't proven. Just how you portray yourself, just comes over professional, missy. :wacky: < 23 < not wise either. < point proven.

    How old are you? :wacky: Random but you seem very wise! And it's driving me nuts!
    Haha, yeah, I don't know anything about Kaine really, but I liked the image. And Tifa well, yeah... kinda obvious she's my favourite. :lew:

    Not really a whole lot. :sad3: Just two, including my own for SOTW, and yours for the CC.
    Hahaha, I already had my SOTW finished when I made that Behind the Scenes video! :D I was about to be crippled deciding as well, but I wanted something a bit different than the expected from me when it comes to characters >_> (Cough) anyway! :D Love your entry.

    I should get started on the Clan Challenge as well, no idea what to do yet.... So many options. :gasp:
    Hahaha, I do not advise tinypic :sad3: It tends to change my images. :| I personally use Photobucket as well, there's no rule against it. Just that people don't point it out in threads who made what. It's really okay. :D
    They actually are supposed to be anonymus, so preferably a private album like Photobucket, however, even that isn't really anonymous due to the link. Considering we do have to "post" our votes in the Clan Challenges, bias voting is easily taken hold of there, and as far as Callouts go, we try and keep an eye on who votes for what etc. =] So, if you prefer, I don't mind if you would rather use DA.

    Also, explanations have been posted here for Callouts/Challenges:
    I'll be putting up the SOTW guidelines today. I can't wait till tomorrow either. :lew: An extra day might be helpful for some people!
    No inconvenience at all. I don't mind doing that. :lew: I'm pretty OCD with wanting my threads in order as well.

    I have not received a notification for that thread, but I will look at it right away. I've also given the admins a heads up. Never need to give permission before. I'll get back to you on that. It's pretty frustrating if you have to wait for your threads to be approved. Perhaps you need to verify your account still? :hmmm: Not sure if that could have anything to do with it.

    Actually, I was considering just allowing you in the Clans, because you seem pretty set on making things and I personally really like that. However LC (Live in Colour) might not be an option at the moment, as EA only has 3 members... lol. Everyone asked to leave due to their hectic summers, it might pick up again after summer, and if you'd like we can discuss a placement in to LC then? :D Let me know what you think.

    Also, that's the correct thread for sign-ups. If you don't mind the above, go ahead and use it. =]

    Ps. I approved your resource thread. When the admins get back to me, I will let you know. Until then I apologize for the inconvenience, but perhaps leave me a note for a made thread is the best option right now... Sorry. This hasn't really happened before.
    Hello Galadin, your thread should be viewable now. For some reason it asked me for approval of posting which I didn't get notified on.

    As far as the graphic clans go, they're a bit quite lately. Sadly enough everyone is enjoying their summer (not that that's bad!). For the clans, we require a bit more activity so that we don't have people sign up and vanish all of a sudden. :D So perhaps entering SOTW (signature of the week) sometimes, and just posting on the forum will be good.

    Here you can find more info on the Clans, also the sign ups for a week or so when you're interested:

    Eclectic Artistry is without a Clan Leader at the moment. So you'll most likely see me running both clans for a while until we find a suitable candidate.

    Once again, I hope you keep posting your works and the likes. Really enjoy seeing some fresh graphics grow on this forum.

    You may want to check out the different areas in the Graphics Reverie. There's a sub-forum specifically designed for opening up graphic request shops, there's also a Gallery where no member posting is allowed, just you in your own Gallery and the likes!

    Let me know if you need anything. :D
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