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  • Took me ages to make a Facebook page, hated on it for the longest. I think back in the day I did have a MySpace, I don't even remember if I actually did though. Twitter I've never touched. Hahaha, don't worry though, I'm a retard with stuff like that too.

    :tard: (s) unite!
    No idea if there is another way to comment, I don't think so though. There's the ask button to state a comment on something but that's more for asking people something. I honestly aren't the most experienced at Tumblr, so my guess would be yeah, you'd have to reblog it. :gasp:

    I have used it on my phone, but I dunno about the tags... I used a Tumblr app for my iPhone. :hmmm:

    Sorry I'm not a big help. -.-
    That usually happens around this time of year. You gotta stock up before, then make it last through the waves of kids that comes.
    My mom is the candyman, like she has been for years now. I'm gonna be at home keeping the dogs from eating any little kids.
    Yeah, I'm gonna go to school, and try not to fail my test. Then I'm gonna go to practice and try not to yell at any kids for doing something stupid. THEN I'm gonna go home and try to keep my dogs from eating any little kids in costumes.
    Yeah, I do that stuff too, only to get out of the house. The only fun thing I've done recently was hang out with some old high school friends, and I did that last week.
    Oh yeah, there's a crapload of things I want to do with my free time. I just....don't have that much of it.
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