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    The Promise - A CloudxTifa Club

    Dragon Mage: I honestly don't remember. I either DLed a texture pack at deviantart or I googled it, lol. Sorry >.< Hmmm...How old are they? Gloves would be interesting, though if you're following the events of the games, Tifa doesn't really grow into her fighter role until after Cloud leaves...
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    What did you last buy

    We had Boxing Day a few days ago, so I blew a wad on some electronics. Mainly I bought a lot of memory stuff (1TB external hard drive, 32GB usb and 32GB microsd), plus I got my mom a sound bar with a subwoofer ^_^
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    Thought about renaming it to XV?

    Hush up, FFXIII was a fine game :jtc: And I call hypocrisy on the brand new formula reasoning. FFXIII *did* that, and some people keep talking crap about it >_> In fact, I'm confident when Versus does finally come out, plenty of people will bash it black and blue for superficial reasons like...
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    Do you like painting your nails?

    I used to love painting my nails too, but it was also a work related issue for me to stop doing it since we handle food (4 and a half years now *sobs*). I was really partial to the shiny/shimmer ones. Silver, light purple, light blue that one rebellious week, lol. Also liked dark bronze/copper...
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    My Batman/Final Fantasy cross-over

    That one time Batman got really close to Vivi...
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    My Batman/Final Fantasy cross-over

    This seemed much more funny in my head last night while I was high on cough drops :hmmm:
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    My Batman/Final Fantasy cross-over Discuss :mokken:
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    I played it as much as I could to get to see the credits, but put it down for the moment. There's a lot of things to do, though, so it's not like it's a quick play. Some songs a scary hard though. Like, holy crap D: But so, so fun ^^
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    The Promise - A CloudxTifa Club

    Whoa, talk about changes and new beginnings, lol. Sorry for being away for so long. I hope I'll be able to contribute more to keeping the club alive and kicking. Not that there's much needed. Cloud/Tifa still remain an epic pairing even after all these years and I think we all know it ♥ Though...
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    [25/09] Final Fantasy XIII-2 add-on content goes on sale for a limited time

    Thanks for posting this. Had no idea. Probably grab some of the boss battles. I do feel kind of dumb now for buying Sazh and Snow's DLC Episodes, especially since I never beat them yet :sad3:
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    Have not played most of the FF games, going to marathon them all. Which versions to play?

    The Tactics games is part of the Ivalice Alliance series. So that's FFT/WotL, FFT:A, FFT:A2, and also includes the main series game FFXII, and the sequel FFXII:RW. As someone whose bought FFIV three times now, I really enjoyed playing the Complete Collection. I thought The After Years was...
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    Is there a Kindom Hearts that is like FFX?

    The focal theme around Kingdom Hearts is friendship. There's implied romance between Sora and Kairi in KH and KH2, but Sora basically loves everyone around him. Heck, as it stands with KH:3D now in the series, there's more bromance than romance really (though there's some Disney romances, so I...
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    -O n c e M o r e- Fusionist's Graphics Attempts v2

    So very late in replying, but thank you all for the kind words! I'm glad people like what they see xD A bit of an update: I'm now using PhotoShop CS3, but over-all I'm still using textures as my bread and butter GFX stuff. I joined the S-E Members Forum, and I've been using these 800x200 sigs...
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    Leviathan? [SPOILERS]

    Help me out guys. Why did Eiko say it was a mistake to unseal Leviathan? I don't remember it being summoned or anything before Odin was summoned and destroyed Cleyra :huh:
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    Happy Birthday, Fusionist!

    I haven't been on the forums in a while. Feel kind of bad >.< But I'll take it, thanks! xD