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    Colourful Expressions (old)

    Sure thing. Thanx a million. I will remember that for next time.
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    What's The Nerdiest Thing You Own?

    I still have my first gen Digi-vice. All I need are new batteries for it.
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    Colourful Expressions (old)

    Would I be able to get a Vash picture with Nicholas D. Wolfwood in the background faded with the words saying something like "Protect those in which whom u love" or "Keep moving forward unto tomorrow"? I figured it was due time that I change my signature.
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    A possible hole in the FF7 story...

    I would have to say that the reason was that his power from the experiment wasn't fully awakened and upon seeing that Sephiroth had cut down Zack AND Tifa, that power that had laid dormant for so long had started to awaken. In Last Order, after the Neiblhiem incident, Hojo had went over to...
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    [V6] What are you currently listening to?

    Eddie would be proud - by The Paramedics.
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    [Sign-ups] Legacy of the Fallen.

    I would Like to get this Rp back in motion. If anyone would like to join, please create a Profile for your character and will aprove it asap. I would like to have three or more people for this rp.
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    Hey sis.

    Hey sis.
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    Who is the biggest perv

    This guy!
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    vBShop Suggestion Thread

    Would like to suggest adding a picture from the members most favorite games and/or anime and other television shows. Set the price at about 550?
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    Signature request please.!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks. Would you be able to add a firey background and give him a red aura? If you can't I'll take what I got.
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    Signature request please.

    Would anyone mind making a Bad-ass sig with this pic for me, if they don't mind. Text: "What am I? .....What have I become?" Please and thanks.
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    FFX-2 FFX-2: Love It or Hate It?

    The game SUCKED!!!!!! What the hell are the Dress Spheres for????? I hated this game with a burning passion and it gives me doubts about a couple of others now.
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    Aerith or Tifa?

    That's a good question. I haven't thaought about it that much, but I'd have to say Tifa. Even though they can both handle themselves in a fight, Tifa can do more damage with her fists than Aerith with a freaking quarter staff. No offense to anyone though.
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    [V2] Recommend A Novel!

    I also recommend a series: The Dresden Files by Jim Butcher. If you like fantasy mixed in with different genres, The Dresden Files are the way to go. There mixed in with murder mystery, religion, politics, and it takes place in Chicago!!!! Also, I recommend the whole Legend of the Drow...
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    If FFF was a family get together...

    That would be one fucked up family reunoin, but then again so was the one in Advent Children, soI'd have to say that I'm the weird brother that somehow is the uncle of his brother and cousin of his sister.