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    Who else is...

    Yep, pre-ordered it at my local EB Games last month. And I went in there today, they were having a buy 2 get 1 free sale, so I just had to go in (yeah, kinda spent $100 :wacky:) anyway, while I was looking around, found the box on the shelf so I thought it was already out, but no, they told me...
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    Dissidia Demo

    Yeah, I've got the same cast as well. And, I love the demo, I've played each character at least 5 times today xD I love using Onion Knight, super fast and his Brave to HP combos are excellent, and powerful. Also, never thought I'd say this, but I too like Sephiroth. You can be as sadistic to...
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    Dissidia Demo

    Why thank you, gonna try to find it now. Don't know why they can't put it on the Australian or EU stores, it'd make life a lot easier, but ehhh, still, I've already put $20 on the collector's edition at my local EB Games :awesome:
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    Dissidia Demo

    Has anybody downloaded themselves a copy of this game? Has it actually been released yet, or am I thinking of the wrong date? If so, how is it? Whats it like? I'm asking many questions, but, oh well, I'm very curious xD For those who don't know...
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    The lead signer is the son of Billy Ray Cyrus and the brother of Miley Cyrus/Hannah Montana/Pedobear's girl friend. That's enough for me to despise them, yet thats not it. Their songs are boring, dull and bland, much like today's pop culture. Live, without any tweaking, the lead signer is even...
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    FFX-2 Which group?

    Youth League for me. They seem well organized, and they know how to fight. They help out the general public (the new Kilika looks heaps awesome) and they are led by someone who knows what they're talking about. Even though the Machina Faction looks like fun, I don't really want to dig up crap...
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    Who do you plan on using as your main fighter?

    Emperor Mateus: I love him, all of the Paradise Lost and Bible references are awesome. Also, being a trap master looks like fun Onion Knight: From what I've seen, he is super fast, good with both magic and swords, plus I love FF3. Bartz: His fighting style looks pretty interesting, using other...
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    PAL Dissidia: Final Fantasy this autumn

    Ahhhh, excellent. I've been waiting on baited breath for an announcement. Hopefully, this release time is stuck too, but knowing SE, we'll never know until it does come out. But good news none-the-less :D
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    I'm back... sorta

    Yas, I'm still a vegie, 2 years in September. And I'm glad to see I am remembered
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    Playstation Jak and Daxter Series

    I've play the series (except for the racing one and Daxter) and I enjoyed them. Jak and Daxter was alright, but thats as far as it went. It was kinda too easy, and pretty linear. Basic adventure game. Jak II: My favourite. I loved going around the city, stealing bikes and just flying around...
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    I'm back... sorta

    Is that the new Easter Episode? How dare you miss it :gasp: Buut, I can't talk, I missed the Christmas special >.> And hi Kelly, I didn't need to check your profile to know it was you XD
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    Crisis Core If You Could Change The Ending What Would You Do?

    With changing the story: Cloud gets found and shot along with Zack. It would end up making FFVII a better game and no shitty sequels. But, if he did, Crisis Core wouldn't have been made... I see a paradox! Without changing the story: - Longer story - More places to explore in the missions -...
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    KHII Where did you train you forms?

    Valour: The World That Never Was. Heaps of Heartless and near a save point, I cheated and used the leave world during drive trick, it saved soooo much time. Wisdom: See above Master: Land of Dragons. Heaps of drive orbs, and in the palace, there were many of those horse heartless which dropped...
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    I'm back... sorta

    Everyone's changed there names, its confusing :gasp: Anyway, thanks, I do feel loved
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    Dissidia character you want to beat down the most.

    here you go :monster: Anyway, hope I'm not too late in the convo, but, these are the thee I want to kill most: Cloud: Yeah, just want the pleasure to kill him Sephiroth: <See Cloud> Garland: I just didn't like him in FFI Edit: I could never figure out the youtube thing, so heres the link...