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  • Because he's an idiot. If he fails, we're all gonna be screwed. No vacations.

    Lucky you. Never really had a father figure in my life until recently. Meh.

    We've lived there before and yes, we encountered snakes, lizards, crocodiles, swans, chocobo like birds, etc.

    I love Ellen! :)

    Very medieval.

    Aww yeah. I hate those bleeps. I want to hear every word normally.

    Ehh, I've stolen cookbooks before! XD
    -Dr. Shelby voice-
    Hello Ms. Cyanista. I'm Dr. Shelby. I see your friend Anthony has come here to help you fit in on your first day. I've known Anthony since he was a little baby. I used to be his bodyguard then. But obviously he's growing up now. I now have a job here. First things first, we must take a physical followed by multiple brain exercises.

    Anthony would you like to add anything before I force you to leave?

    -my voice-
    :mokken: No Doc. I'm not saying anything. I know what you are going to do. Just make sure she comes out of here with a new confidence when it comes to cooking. She's worthy, yet is just too short of the brass ring.

    -Dr. Shelby voice-
    Okay Anthony, goodbye.

    -my voice-
    Blehlelelele -walks away without saying goodbye-

    -Dr. Shelby voice-
    Now Cyan, let's start with the first cake in the looney bin... Bacon flavored chocolate frosting on a strawberry cake...
    Wow. Whenever we cook something with carrots, we always use baby carrots! XD Yeah..... We are very lazy and dysfunctional. That's how we roll though.

    Ehh, I'll beat him up for that too. Right now his biggest problem is getting ready to pass his first ever state test. Which I'll help him with. Mostly because if I don't, It'll mess up the whole summer of 2013.

    He reminds me of.... Mom. She's really just like him. Curses you out and seems mean all the time, but it's really for a higher purpose. I've realized that. If it wasn't for her, I wouldn't even know how to type on a computer. Dad did nothing to help me grow, which kinda sucks.

    We were just talking about a big family dinner at Red Lobster soon too. Before we move to Florida. Ehh, it still might go through.

    Ahh yes. It'll be me backstage at those shows counting all my money, while eating some type of Apple Pie, while you're forced to talk on national TV. If I manage to get lobster somewhere, I'll be happy as can be. After I find it, then I can enjoy your 3 minute interview.

    I might try to use one of those big wooden roller thingys for that. It would certainly be interesting.

    Ahh, LOL. I've found and watched episodes of Kitchen Nightmares where Chef Ramsey's cursing doesn't get blocked out! It's so great hearing every **** clearly.
    Actually she does only break kitchen stuff. She's psycho like that. One time she had to cook a whole Thanksgiving dinner with one small knife. She almost chopped off her finger, but me being evil, was too busy giggling to help her out.

    Indeed. He knows when to expect it though. I always end up getting knocked out, but hey, at least I'm building up his strength for when somebody tries to bully him. I taught him everything he knows!

    Yes Ms. Cyanista, that is the show. I love it! He seems really mean, but it's really just tough love. He's there to help them. By the end you can tell most of the time he has a little bond with them. He's really caring, he just cares in the meanest way possible! :P

    I know. After I see the kitchens for some of these places, it makes me think about what we might have ate at places we've been to.

    Half? Meanie. :mokken:

    LOL I didn't mean actual oranges. I'm trying to keep myself from cursing, so I said oranges instead of arse. My shoes are clean at all times. LOL

    I shall take you to see Dr. Shelby. He can lead you down the right path. He'll help you. He isn't one to give up on his patients. Yes, I'm taking you to a looney house. Even though he doesn't work in one at the moment, he will soon.
    DVR is a wonderful thing, my friend.

    Something always breaks when she cooks. Actually, when she just steps in a kitchen, something will break. The sink, knives, plates, microwaves, you name it. She's found a way to break it.

    Ehh, if I'm really mad, I'll go kick one of my brothers. *cue huge fight*

    This is very true. I hate watching the news these days. Hardly anything happy ever gets reported. It's either this or celebrity gossip. I watch Kitchen Nightmares now on YouTube.

    You're out of a lot of loops. So am I though. We are on a boat that is the same, but very different.

    Perhaps it is time I go back out there kick some oranges! I've been denied my chances time and time again..... I won't let it happen again.

    Gollum? L......OL :D

    LOL this is a very serious art. Cakery is something that can only be handled by the chosen ones. You just might be chosen. You still have time to improve your skills though.

    I had to cut out alot from the message. It was too many characters long. I didn't even know there was a limit to how much you can write in a message! LOL
    Good idea. I would hate to listen to my Lil Broski watching my little pony while I cooked. XD

    Mom always wanted a TV in the kitchen. So she would be able to follow along with the recipe while it was on TV. I think it would be pretty neat. But when she cooked, something terrible would always happen. So that TV just might explode.

    I've been mellow since I was born. I realized it was getting me nothing but taken advantage of. It was also boring. So now I'm in rage mode 24/7. It's much more fun. I can kick random objects and the like. I'm still a geek though. I don't plan on changing that at all. :)

    Ren & Stimpy huh? What a horrible show. That whole collection of tapes for the show should be burned in a bucket. I couldn't stand it when I was 4, and I can't stand it now. That's the type of show that WILL melt a brain. Ehh, it's gone now. I should calm down! LOL :D

    You're not lame. :)

    More likely than not to be honest. If I got anything from my Mom, it's her ability to have a kitchen massacre. There will be cake mix all over the place. Besides, I won them over years ago with my orange sauce I made for turkeys and the like. It was a big hit for about 3 years, but then I never made it again.

    I agree. Who doesn't want a money tree? It would be the greatest thing ever!

    :rage: this phone is evil! Lol just kidding.

    Not a chance. This is professional cakery. They know the deal. Btw, if you want to look up my cake I'm getting, I think it's called "Black Forest".
    It's Zelda from Twilight Princess. I change my avatars frequently. Putting that triforce symbol in(the bottom left) was tough. >_>

    Braveheart was about freeing the scottish from slavery or something to that effect. Eh don't worry about slashers. Now Final Destination 5.. thats gross and over the top on the dismemberment department..

    Tears of the Sun is a Bruce Willis movie, and I like to think its one of his best(Next to The Hostage). It is about recusing a doctor from Nigeria before rebel forces come and kill her during their "ethnic cleansing" but it turns into much more than that when the US soldiers arrive to rescue her.

    I like Bruce Willis hehe, so I'll check out Unbreakable. Today I watched "House at the end of the Street" starring Jennifer Lawrence. I liked her role/performance in this better than The Hunger Games. I'll be fair though - that was her breakthrough role. And I might as well toss this out there; I watch movies almost everyday. Among my top favorites is The Island, One Missed Call, and Shutter.

    As for the Amazing Spider Man, oh if you seen the ORIGINAL TV series(not the cartoon) you'll be noticing some similarities :3. I REALLY REALLY like that movie. The Tobey Mcguire Spider Mans got nothing on Mike Webb's. (But I loved Spider Man 3)

    Nobody likes Rocky V XD.... I must have never seen it cause I had to look it up. I saw I to IV, and I loved IV especially. It's the only boxing films I've seen.
    I don't own or have played FFTA. I saw this picture used by a member of an FFXI board many years ago, and only just a few days ago did I find the full picture.

    The scene in Titanic where they are at the bow of the ship(when they kiss) always gets me. "Come flying machine...up she goes..up she goes.."

    Anyhow, I vaguely remember 48 hours. Yep, slasher films. It all started with Scream 1, and then I saw Scream 2 3 and 4. I know what you did last summer, and the other 2 sequels. Saw I and II, didn't care for the other Saw movies. Butterfly Effect 3: Revelations is about time travel, but a bit of cutting people to pieces too heh. It's not the gore that interests me however, it's the whole finding out who the killer is/motive, etc. English period? Saw a few of those myself(Im guessing Braveheart counts?). Any in particular you like?

    I most recently watched(in this order): The Amazing Spider Man, Beowulf, 300, I am Legend, Tears of the Sun.

    I have heard of signs, but the not the other two.
    Ehh, now we have YouTube and Netflix and DVDs and the like. So I barely watch TV anymore. I watch WWE on the internet and DVDs. Any other show I want to watch, I'll just find on Netflix. The TV is becoming video game exclusive now. :)

    Ha, if I put all that effort in to making something special for them, and they don't like it, you can believe I'll be knocking Broskis out. It seems that you're forgiving. You're lucky to have that in you. I can say I forgive somebody, but really that's just so they will leave me alone before I rage on them.

    You missed the golden age of TV. Have you ever seen Kenan & Kel? THAT is one of my favorite shows ever. They're hilarious. (well, they were. Show ended years ago, but I still watch it.)

    Ha... Haha.... Um, yeah, I don't like fried food either. Unless it's funnel cake. I don't even know how to turn on a sink properly. If I try and cook, our whole building might burn down. I'll stay lazy and buy from bakerys.

    Pecans come from trees? (learn something new everyday!) That's cool. Enjoy it! Hope it comes out good. As far as the tree goes, I'd rather have a money tree! :P

    Yes! This things gets me Ragey sometimes. I'll have to Swype my word like, ten times before the phone doesn't auto correct anymore.
    I own the original FFT, but I still have never played it.

    Depends on the kind of romance film. I watched Titanic so many times that I keep the exact number to myself haha. My favorite movie genre is the paranormal, but its been lacking of late, so Science Fiction has been picking up the slack for me in entertainment. I also like slasher films. I'm a bit interested with time travel, and own a few movies that use time travel plots.
    TV was a God above all gods to me as a children. That was the only place I could watch WWE! (WWF at the time)

    That's nice. It's made from the heart. So if the person doesn't like it, you can royally slap their face off. :)

    *tosses computer on the ground* they were a show on nickelodeon from I believe 04-08. Good times. They've turned gangsta now. Drake Bell and Josh Peck.

    Darn you people. It seems that you guys bake alot. I'm impressed! :D

    (I hate auto correct! :rage: )
    It's Remedy from FFTA yes :)

    And my one gripe with XIII was it's basically a corridor RPG. There are no towns. And no shops.. well none in a traditional sense. But the combat is a bit of the same in XIII-2 and I liked it alot. Definitely give the first one a shot. I plan to give it a second chance again..
    Ah, that's what blues clues was there for. They were drinking elsewhere.

    It's gonna be the same cake I got last year. From a very nice bakery. It even has space to write a personal message out of frosting on it. Just tell them what you want to write, and they'll do it free of charge. The cakes already expensive

    Guess you never saw Drake & Josh?

    Twix wins for me. I also like butter finger and Milky way. :)
    Yes indeed. I'll never get that image out my head. Good old days.

    So have I. I regret eating those 4 cupcakes. But they were soooooo good. I'm wait for the giant cake I'm getting on my birthday. Only 21 more days! :)

    Yep, thanks. I'm using Lavender tonight! Can't wait! I'm like Josh when it comes to lavender.

    "lavender breeze take me away!"


    What's your favorite ones?
    Yeah, we both look back and laugh now. We were both 3. :D

    I was 3 when I threw up. My mom was wearing the shirt. So I threw up all over her. Good times.

    I've never even heard of that! :D
    Is that related to charmander from Pokemon? ROFLMAOLOLERCAKES

    Yes. Nutty bars don't fly with me either. :)
    Well, no. My aunt did put her whole foot in my mouth when we were babies, but that's only because I pulled her hair out her head.

    I was choking on peanuts one morning for about 20 minutes. I almost passed out due to not being able to breath easily. The highlight was that when I threw up, it was all over my moms new shirt she had got. :D

    Now I despise anything with peanuts in it. Including the butter of peanuts.

    No. I've tried everything on the planet except that. :)
    Hello Cyanista. Glad to hear your investigation is going well. I'm gonna go with the pencil to be honest. However I hate peanuts and peanut butter. I almost died at the age of 3 because of them. :/

    It's true. I don't get sleep. Last night I was talking to myself in da AntBox. At 4am. Ehh, just can't fall asleep easily.
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