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Mood: Dance with pressure
I didn’t have any relaxation during the holiday. My boss made the workplace become like hell in the atmosphere. I feel I was sunk into a sea of yelling and shouting.
My obsession with work makes me unable to write everything in Word because I would take sleep right after going home very late. I just keep everything inside my brain, like storing it in HDD. One day, I imagined that P6 was standing in front of Claudia's grave. He died by being erased from the game since his timeline was destroyed, and he then changed into a different version of himself in a new timeline. All his memories in the old timeline remained in his head so he could remember his love for Claudia. He apologized to her for lying about his name as Dante, but now he couldn’t tell her his actual name because it was erased during the Dissidia project in the old timeline. He apologized for making her suffer, but he felt happy seeing that she had gotten a better life in the new timeline. She married a man who was much kinder than P6. They together built a successful worldwide Cookie and Candy company named Shinra. They had a son like Cloud, who was just an average person and thus won’t become the central part of a tragic story. His best friend looked like Tifa, and their relationship was simple but sweet since they got their previous fates in memory. The new timeline was an actual FF world with magic everywhere, but there wasn’t still a miracle to help Claudia escape the nasty illness. After she passed away, her son was arranged to become the company’s successor and would marry Tifa in the future. The Fenrir in the new timeline were farmers and hunters, but all of them were annihilated by Cetra, who wanted to sleep well. Depending on the knowledge of fighting against mages in the old timeline, P6 could escape from annihilation. Along with finding R and the others, he wanted to see Claudia’s son and devised to protect him.
In the new timeline, the FF7 OG story never exists. The Cetra lived well and turned the world back to fantasy Medieval. R and his friends' families were erased from the old timeline. They had a new life, standing in somewhere to advertise the new storyline and guide new gamers to the game. While all characters in the world felt happy under the control of the Cetra, they were leftovers doing nothing. Unable to remember the proper names, they suffered from the old memories every day while smiling to welcome players.
To return to the old timeline, they must restore the FF7 story beginning by saving Jenova, no matter if a nation could be erased again. It made a team member feel not right and secretly broke their plan. Meanwhile, the couple Krammer had an idea of establishing an institute to help people fight against any evil mages using hi-tech, but they needed an agreement from the Cetra. Therefore they decided to bring their idea on TV. After a short advertisement for the superhero movie Gold Saucer Sentai team, played by singer Jessica, they were interviewed by a Cetra comedy MC. They felt they looked like Elon Musk during the show, while that guy was just Joe Rogan. As the couple rode home, they thought sullenly: It goes to waste.
Sorry for the lengthy post. I'm gonna leave the house with my wife and go somewhere fun to forget about work for a time. We could go to the movies. Hope it is well.
I'm just living the dream out here.

Two weeks into my diet where I've had to cut out all dairy, eggs, soy, and wheat... and it sucks. Like actually. I've lost a bit of weight already which is nice but I probably shouldn't lose much more haha. Oh well.

My throat condition that I've dealt with over the past few years is far worse than it used to be so it's this diet to see if I'm having a reaction from something. If not, then I'll probably have to to be on medication for the rest of my life. The former seemed like the better option - temporary pain for long-term gain; I'll be able to add one of those groups back in 4 months or so after another biopsy - but I've come to realise quite quickly that it sucks. SUCKS.

Almond milk is my go-to milk replacement and it's fantastic though.

I miss garlic bread, man. And pies.
Mood: true meaning of a famous poem : " things that no one shall ever see by own eyes, we saw one by one.
i am Iranian so you may got the picture now. i can tell you these days i hate " Turks" more that any other Roles in FFvii. we have a lot lot Turks these days here. and i guess yesterday they did something that can be said like : "dropping the plate" .
honestly guys. my head is about to explode.
Vincent valentine was most lucky person in FFvii . he slept 30 years. i wish i could do same.
PS: i always hated tsang until i played crisis core. i was going to like him but these days , no . because we are dealing with real ones. they aren't interesting at all!
Mood: excited

Early bday spa weekend for me soon, just waiting for my mate to come pick me up, i was supposed to drive but shes drawn the short straw again, i did offer to drive her car though. How times have changed though, time was I'd be on a weekend long bender, instead ive not drunk for 2 years and ive packed two books and a puzzle book for a weekends worth of chilling and spa treatments. I hope she hurries up i cant wait to kick off the weekend of leisure 🤣
Mood: On Autopilot

I guess I'm in the middle of the January blues or something. I've had a lot of highs and lows, except the highs are just a natural resting state and my lows are baritone.

Christmas events also left me with a lot of negative thoughts after I felt a bit slighted by a few different people, but I've been trying to leave that all behind in 2022. Lots of things (that I don't want to do) need to be done of course, and my anxiety adds this nice extra spice to the mix that just feels like pure chaos and circus music, so I guess I'm basically Kefka now. I'm not really sure what's up, I just feel a lot of invisible pressure from not-real things and a lot of self-criticism that is probably unnecessary. Lots of mental circles, beating myself up, etc. My favorite part is that, as a distraction, I've decided to start needle-felting plushies again - I got all my stuff together, shoved it in a drawer next to me, and haven't touched it since. Somehow I now have anxiety over my anxiety-distraction. 👏 Good job, me.

I'm also coming out of a really rough cold, so it's possible I'm just crabby & tired & overestimating my ability to function at a normal level at the moment. I was sick for what feels like weeks, but it really dragged on and doing small things was wearing me out greatly. I think my HP bar has just been sitting at a consistent red, just under the yellow.

I'm hoping that 2023 will break me free of these chronic illnesses that seem to keep happening. Even reading back in the last few posts I can see where I was sick time and again. Thankfully I'm not as bad as I was back in October where my tonsils swelled up and grew corn, 0/10 would not do again.

Sorry for the negatives, just sometimes it helps when I type it all out & stuffs

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Mood: :argh:

I've not really been feeling too great, it's been like that for about two weeks I'd say, longer but mainly those two weeks. Lots of things that could help with that, but then having decision fatigue on where to even start and then it just ends up not being done. :lew:

Maybe make a list for that, too. Phew...

I platinumed octopath 2 last week and im at abit of a loose end. Ive set myself a stupid challenge this month to try to limp through on an absolute ridiculous budget, so with that in mind the things id usually fill my time with aren't an option lol. I've mowed the back garden (in the rain haha) stupid battery ran out with onr farty strip of grass left. Im not even bothering going back out. I could clear my garage out as thats full of a layer of brick/wood dust from when i had my garage roof replaced. But i don't think im bored enough for that. I keep trying to read my book and whilst im really enjoying it (a dance with dragons 1: dreams and dust) i keep reading afew pages then setting it down and wandering about the house. I'll end up going to bed soon hahaha. Im going watching dungeons and dragons tomorrow and getting a carvery as well (im hoping i don't have to pay because i also need petrol and my budget!!!!🤣)so at least i won't be bored stiff two days on the bounce. I might see whats on tv actually. Maybe watch Tangled for the millionth time
I could work on my cosplay but i cba doing that either. I was offered overtime at work today, i should have just gone in lol. I dont like doing over time though stuff that
Does stupid count as a mood?

I ruined my budget because i thought id made an error in my calculations so i annoyed myelf amd decided as id ruined my budget Anyway i may as well just spend money. Id calculated i was 98 over budget so thought stuff this and bought myself some facewash and mosituriser to the tune of 70 quid. Then i remembered my friend owes me 140 quif so i was still under budge

But now im actually not bc, moisturiser etc. And then bc i was extra annoyed i decided well i might as well go subway for dinner. Then i came home and was like i fancy ordering food. So ended up with a maccies

Fuck that stupid budget i dont get paid til friday and its well ruined now

Oh and i bought myself some black paint to paint my front door

Im going bed i can't spend money there
Feel fear to know about a new trailer. It's my mood only.
The next trailer of FF7 Rebirth has finally come out, but I don’t want to see it. It is not because I don’t like it. I recognize that I've spent much time writing a story about this game, so I only fear a moment when I look at a completely different story in the game.
We begin to move to another house in the suburb. My child will go to the primary school. More work to do. In fact, I feel my head is about to explode if I'm writing but my child and wife suddenly come to ask me to help; of course, I have to do the mission of a husband, so I'm sure I can't finish the story. So I admire designers trying to write a story for their games while many things surround them. The difference is that they can sit beside their computer to do that during office hours, but I can't.
During the break, I occasionally grazed some posts and comments about the game trailer that appeared randomly on my phone. Most of them surmised Tifa's death and that Aerith will become a villain. Some claimed that they would not play the game if they had to see Tifa dead. She continues to be a spotlight since a Turk member has a face like hers. Again, no one talks about Cloud's family. He saved his planet many times, but most people inside and outside the game do not care about his origin or feelings. So in the post, I've written a part where G made his quote like, "Don’t be a hero. It is ungrateful work".
About the quote for a story, there's another like "A villain is just a broken hero". This quote is from a movie long after the FF7 game. It's suitable for Sephiroth, and I turned Cloud to be like that, but I respect the game's storyline, so I built it to be a Cloud Android (robot). I also love how Aerith becomes a villain because that quote shows she will be a heroine/flower girl in case she isn't broken. I imagine she's a Queen in a previous life or another timeline because if she really turned out to be a villain, it may be cool if she's a boss. Even suppose she comes to the palace remnants in the Cetra Capital, it may be cool too if she/the Queen inside her takes back the scepter buried deep underground while the son of Mr. President Shinra is listening to a folk song about the Cetra Tyrant Queen in his room.
But it's okay if everything above is just an imagination. At least I will have a story to tell to my son before going to bed.
It has been a long time since I didn't think about FF game until I took my children to a friend's home. I need to prepare some good paper books for my son because a new school year for him is coming. My family’s friend winked her eyes and showed me a paper book of her son. I was surprised because the wrapping cover paper book is a picture of FF10 game. She feels funny because all the characters of the game look like Barbies but with some "hot weapons" and so on, and her son likes to play the game. I can see a red face from that boy while she was talking about him in an ironic voice. My wife agreed that the game is so funny. I just kept silent to listen to their conversation.
Back home I sighed with relief and then went to YouTube to watch FF Rebirth. I don't have the currency to buy a PS5 and feel remember the game (Honestly I have failed to give up thinking about the game) so I just experience how people play and react to it. I saw a video titled "Aerith, Tifa And Cloud See The War Between Humans And The Cetra". If I not wrong there is no such war in the origin game and never mentioned in Fandom, oh wait, I wrote it in my fanfic. The only difference is Humans have guns because I make it look like The Horizon Zero game. Then, I kept watching another vid and saw a multi-timeline that Sepherith wants to take over with the Lifestream (from comments). And the ending... I saw a bunch of comments talking about it, and plenty of them agree that it's a ghost. In this case, I can say... ghost of Ancients.
I know that those are only coincidences. I could see some characters have disappeared in the performance in Event Square. Princess Sora is the same as I imagined, especially her crown so I had just written that it was broken after the Queen died to show that her strength and beauty are defeated by the wrath and vengeance of a Knight's son during the battle in the church.
Can't think. I promise I won't write about the game from my imagination and decide to finish, but those details in the game make me feel. I have felt upset because I don't understand why I wasted time writing a story, in a different language, for nothing. But now I feel... no. I can't think any. Really feel
Mood: Anxious

Reason: Got a presentation to work on for Friday, and this time it's gonna be presented to people outside of my usual college group. (multiple colleges coming in for a big event) Also been budgeting for a car too and money always seems to be my weak point haha :yay:. Nevertheless, I still feel it's more manageable than other stuff goin on y`know?