There will be nine guardians of light


Dec 31, 2016
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There is reason to believe there will be 9 guardians of light. let me explain why I bet 100 on it.

it would make sense for it to be seven because KH has always had a fascination with the #7. 7 princesses of hearts in KH 1 and bbs and now the 7 guardians.

so why would it all of a sudden be 9? that’s what I thought. If the theory is true then there must be a connection between 7 and 9 or something significant about those numbers. well there is.

in order to understand why there are 9 guardians of light, first we must understand why there are 7 guardians of light and 13 darkness’s.

so ill start with the 13 darknesses.

many were confused when time travel and manipulation became a part of Kingdom Hearts but honestly, it fits right in with the narrative of the story KH has always been telling.

it’s because the 13 darknesse’s actually represent time itself.

think of a clock,

of course there are 12 hours but the Hour between the 12 and the 1 is known as the 13th hour or the witching hour.

also to make one full rotation of the clock you must count 13 spaces. from 12, back to 12, is 13.

13 is the # that separates the old from the new. it is the death of the old and the resurrection to the new.

now for the # 7.

the #7 represents the division of time.

so take a clock and count from 12 to the 6 and you will count 7 spaces. it evenly Divides time.

this is why 7 days separate one period of time from the next, one week from the next.

and of course the clock is based on the astrological wheel of time, the zodiac. there are 12 houses but in order to complete one full cycle or in order to get to the new year you must count 13.

7 divides the zodiac wheel in the house of libra, the 7th sign of September. the Sep in september means 7 because it used to be the 7th month but it is now the… 9th month.!

the SEP in September is for 7 the same prefix as the word SEParation. The SEPtember SEParation. the separation of Spring from winter. the time of Autumn, the time of in between times.

this is why there are 7 wonders in TWIlight town. twilight time is the EVENing time. it is the time of between times. the time of SEParation between the day and the night. where they are divided equally, THUS TWI(2)light town.

thats why if you look at the #7 it actually looks like a scythe

so Xheanort represents the wheel of time. and the 7 gaurdians represent the division of that time. the division of the old year (Xheanort) to the new year. (Sora)

so the #7 is the end of a season and the beginning of another 1.

likewise the #9 is also the end. 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 and the #10 just starts it all over again 9 is the last number. so it represents the end. 10 starts the cycle all over its rebirth Binary 0 (female) 1 (Male) so it represents the rebirth of the cycle.

even though the SEP in september means 7 it is our 9th month. and though the Nov in November means 9 it is hour 11th month.

this is why we have 711 and 911.

this is why 358/2= 179 because 7 and 9 represent the end and the beginning.

358/2 = 179 179 is exactly what this thread is about because both the 7 and the 9 represent the end and the beginning. so 7 and 9 are 1

this is why in KH1 we had the 7 princesses of hearts but sora was the 1 true sacrifice. this is why sora dies and then is resurrected because its the resurrection of the NEW YEAR!

so 1, 7, 9 and i bet money there will be 9 guardians of light

like i said 7 ends the week it divides one week from the next, it also divides the zodiac wheel. JESUS just look into what im saying.

7 represents the END of one week but also the BEGINNING of another week.

likewise 9 represents the end of the single digits but the BEGINNING of the double digits which just starts all over again with 1 and 0