The Sunken Temple's Secret


That Guy
Jan 23, 2018
United States
FFXIV Server
Hello FF Enthusiasts,

Last night I spent a few hours battling Shantotto in the Girl Who Forgot Her Name challenge The Sunken Temple's Secret. It was the hardest battle of the game and I thought I would share what I learned on how to beat her in no time.

Shantotto is stacked full of HP. She has around 360,000 HP and has no weakness and is immune to everything. She uses strong magic that deals damage to both characters. She also uses Bio real frequent.

I have found her vulnerability, so I believe. Your attacks, magic or physical, does verry little damage. I was a level 72 and I was doing about 400 with physical and about 200 magic damage.

Before you go into battle you want to prepare yourself.

Set your champions. I relied heavy on Sephiroth who dealt about 10,000 damage by casting Super Nova each time I called on her. She Inflicts neutral damage while bypassing defenses and boost strength to Lenn and Reynn. Shelke is good to have on standby because she will restore HP (not fully) if you call on her with Countertek. Bottom line is choose your Champions that will do the most damage and could heal you in a pinch. Keep them at 1 star so that you can call on them multiple times.

In your inventory you should stock up on spellstones. It does not matter which spellstone you use because they all do 3000 damage. You are going to need about 125 spellstones if you want to make easy work of her. You are going to want remedy or antidote for when she casts Bio or make sure one of your characters has ensuna. Having plenty of elixers is very helpful.

My stacks that I used and it worked out are:

Reynn: Level 72 Sylph and a Level 68 Princess Goblin (Master)
Lenn: Level 69 Bablizz and Level 65 Gilgamesh (Master)

Most important thing that I learned about stacks is that you need Cura or Curaga on both Lenn and Reynn. You will be doing a lot of healing. Your going to use a lot of AP so stock up on Eithers.

Princess Goblin is a must in this battle.

The best way to go about this battle is cast your champions at the start. This will knock off about 60,000 HP at the start and then keep casting your spellstones. As your stars start to reapear keep calling on your champions. Use Reynn to keep healing the party unless you have cura or curaga on Lenn, then they both can share the job. XL mirages are worthless in thi battle so do not bother with them, they just waste AP. XL Mirages do less damage than Reynn and Lenn.

I hope this helps you to beat Shantotto. She is beatable, just takes preparation and luck.
This is a good thread, it explains how to accomplish something. I hope it has helped people out.
There is an easier way, i was using death searcher’s Gravity and manage to kill her at level 60 because gravity reduce 1/4 of her hp, do like 6-7 times then finish her off with champion and spellstones.