Sylph and Phantom caves recommended lvl? (FFIV JP version)


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Apr 17, 2017
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Hi, everyone!
This is my first time playing FFIV and I chose to play the japanese version translated to English, however, I am having quite the trouble getting on these two caves, the Sylph cave and the Phantom cave (or world of Summons). I already figured out how not to get hurt by the floor, but the enemies are just too hard!! More specially in the Sylph cave. Whenever I encounter those malboros, they turn almost my entire party in frogs in no time!

Wonder if maybe I am just too underlevel? What is the best level to challenge these caves? My party is lvl 33-36. If so, what are good areas to level up? (BTW, I am at the moment when you have to go to the Sealed cave, haven't cleared it yet).

Thank you so much in advance! :D