Streaming Final Fantasy X HD Remaster on youtube, also making episodes!


Nov 10, 2016
Hello everybody! Found this awesome FF fansite and just wanted to share that I will be doing a full FFX and X-2 (other FF's to come) playthrough/let's play using a livestream on my youtube channel. I will also be taking those streams and turning them into "episodes" afterwards. If anybody wants to watch along with the story please feel free to hop on and say hello! :)

The youtube channel is "Crityagaming"

there's the direct link to the channel. Hope to see you guys there!

I do apologize for the bad audio in episodes 1 and 2. I have fixed it in all the episodes after, but I have to go back and record those again.

Also please note, I understand I may pass a lot of secret content or I may not play it to a specified and optimized "meta." This game was so much fun to me and I loved the story growing up, I wanted to share it with some friends that didn't get to play it and are loving following along with the story, so don't nitpick and just enjoy the ride :)

(I will be going back in separate episodes that are unrelated to the story to complete content like Celestial Weapons, Anima, and other fun things like that)

Here are some links to my recent episodes. I hope you all enjoy it!