New PVP changes


Oct 21, 2020
Aerwyna Gullveig
FFXIV Server
Free Company
Dreams of the Lost
I am so disappointed in the WHM changes to PVP. We have nothing left in reality. Can’t heal well because of CD’s. Damage is horrible now…. LB is embarrassing… PLEASE fix the now broken WHM
I agree that WHM is broken - but has been from the very start and completely in its favour. It is still easily one of the highest performing healers both in terms of crowd control and team support. It may have a small toolkit to work with, but it's incredibly potent. The only changes it has received from the recent patch update is a -10% to its damage dealt (which applies to both SMN and SCH too) with no changes being made at all to its utility. It still supports the most powerful move in the entire PvP game along with one of the most potent damage reduction skills. Changes to the timings of the Limit Break are the same for every class with no alterations made on any specific one with regards to utility (they all still do what they are supposed to). As far as I recall, the only change to any healer was made to AST with regards to Gravity II.
True. They have all been broken in one form or another and most in each class‘ favor. Yes…very small toolkit. No they also changed I guess what was having some sort of glitch on Miracle of Nature I think it was…. I guess time will tell but I can seriously tell the differences