Let's Play Sonic Origins!


Dec 22, 2009
Chocobo Egg
Tifa Lockhart
Sabin's Tent
Sonic Origins


Hey there folks, here comes a brand new series! We'll be playing through the Megadrive versions of Sonic 1, CD, 2, 3 and 3 & Knuckles in succession via story mode on Sonic Origins!

Just a heads up that this will be a zone per day, so the video lengths will vary. Some will be longer when going for chaos emeralds etc :).

Thanks for watching! See you in a bit when we get cracking (Eggman)!
Episode 1 - Green Hill Zone

Here comes the start of Sonic 1! Green Hill zone has always been one of the more iconic levels in the franchise, and I personally love it! I also love the added cutscenes for this version :).

Thanks for watching! See you in a bit! :)
Episode 2 - Marble Zone

Hey peoples, here's Marble Zone! This always gave midget greeny trouble but...maybe not so much now?

Thanks for watching! :)
Episode 3 - Spring Yard Zone

Hey peoples, this feels like prototype casino night zone to me, with the bumpers and pinball-light elements. I enjoy it enough.

Thanks for watching! :)
Episode 4 - Labyrinth Zone

Hey folks, here comes the most notably harsh water zone in the 2D Sonics! The Maziness combined with the hunt for oxygen bubbles can be a real killer!


Episode 5 - Starlight Zone

Hey there peoples, it's time for one of my favourite Sonic zones of all time! The look of the area, along with the music, are bloody incredible.

Thanks for watching! :)
Episode 6 - Scrap Brain Zone

Hey peoples, it's time to wrap up Sonic 1! Scrap Brain zone is so much fun, but I think I prefer the Master System version.


Episode 6b - Sonic 1 Good Ending

Here's the ending for Sonic 1, including the added animated cutscene :).

Thanks for watching! See you tomorrow for the start of Sonic CD! :)
Episode 7 - Palmtree Panic Zone

Hey peoples, we're starting Sonic CD over here! Palmtree Panic is such a nice greenhill clone...at least when in the present. There's a slight visual issue when you go into the past or future in every zone lmao. By slight...I mean major. Seeing is believing!

Thanks for watching! See you in a bit! :)
Episode 8 - Collision Chaos Zone

Hey peoples, let's keep on going with zone 2 of Sonic CD, shall we?

Thanks for watching! :)
Episode 9 - Tidal Tempest Zone

What's this? A water zone I actually like? Madness. Speaking of madness, the level design in this game is insane. So hard to see what's going on half the time lmao.

Thanks for watching! :)
Episode 10 - Quartz Quadrant Zone

I love the bosses where Eggman is stuck in a tube and you're trying to shatter the glass. There's something really addictive about it.

Also, why not talk about the bonus stages for a sec? I'm not a huge fan of them but again, I like the feeling when you manage to judge the jump distance and hit a UFO.

Thanks for watching! :)
Episode 11 - Wacky Workbench Zone

Here we go, time for the game to ramp up the difficulty a notch! Or am I just shite at it? We shall never know the answer 0_0.

Genuinely though, I never have a clue where I'm supposed to be going, especially when you can bounce so high here.

Thanks for watching! :)
Episode 12 - Stardust Speedway Zone

Holy Rayman! I'm loving the whole music level design here! I also really like how they made the boss a new character in the form of Metal Sonic and that it isn't just hitting something; I like hitting things, don't get me wrong, but you can have too much of a good thing and all that.

Shame we had to save Amy! I joke, stalkers are welcome here.

Thanks for watching! :)
Episode 13 - Metallic Madness Zone

Hey peoples, we've finished Sonic CD! With that out of the way, we'll be moving onto the best Sonic games from here on out! Actually can't wait!

Thanks for watching! See you in a bit! :)
Episode 14 - Emerald Hill Zone

Hey there folks, it's time to kick off Sonic 2! This is where the Megadrive Sonic games start to improve so much imo and I can't wait to get going!

Emerald Hill Zone is my favourite Green Hill zone clone and is genuinely stunning! Not to mention those (sometimes tricky) bonus stages. I love them so much!


Episode 15 - Chemical Plant Zone

Hey peoples! Yet another zone that I absolutely love; it's one of the most nostalgic and memorable videogame levels of all time for me. The colour scheme, the music, the level design with water sections that are actually interesting.

Thanks for watching! :)
Episode 16 - Aquatic Ruin Zone

Ok, so I have a bit of trouble with this stage every time I play the game lmao. It is however still a good zone with lots of fun directions to take.

Thanks for watching! :)
Episode 17 - Casino Night Zone

Yet another zone that I find incredible! Sonic 2 has been jam packed with them so far huh? I also do like these night themed stages...and casino based ones. Yes.

Thanks for watching! :)
Episode 18 - Hill Top Zone

Hey there folks! It might be a bit samey when you compare it to Emerald Hill zone, but the colours on this zone are bloody stunning. Another of my favourites :).

Thanks for watching! See you in a bit! :)
Episode 19 - Mystic Cave Zone

Hey peoples, so it might surprise and amaze you that I remember this zone more for the multiplayer, but it's still such a good looking stage in general. Something a bit different!

Thanks for watching! See you in a bit! :)
Episode 20 - Oil Ocean Zone

Ok, so I know the name of the zone now lmao. This genuinely feels like if chemical plant was later in the evening. I like it but it's odd that they had such similar zones in the same game :).

Thanks for watching! :)
Episode 21 - Metropolis Zone

Hey peoples, here is a zone that doesn't stand out too much to me. Except the staryu. Screw staryu.


Episode 22 - Wing Fortress Zone

Hey peoples, we've made it to the end of Sonic 2! That last boss is a corker huh? It really doesn't...pull its punches! I'm here all week.

Thanks for watching! See you in a bit! :)