[IC/Info] [Working Title] Star Ocean 4D


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Aug 21, 2013
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Note: This is a work in progress, so it'll initially come off as incomplete. I feel there's enough info to at least get a thread started, and I will update this first post as more info comes out. If you have any input, feel free to let me know. ^_^ I hope to get this going much sooner than later.

The entire Star Ocean universe is based in what is called the Eternal Sphere, a game/massive-scale "MMO"/program. It was created by what is known as the Sphere Corporation, which is located in "fourth-dimensional space". In the third Star Ocean game, the "barrier" between the Eternal Sphere and 4D space is passed through by the main characters. And as you can probably guess, they caused a bit of trouble. :lew: (I would be more than happy to further explain all of this, but there's just a ton of info to go over. I think this pretty much sums it up.) Anyway, this story will focus more on those tinkering with the Eternal Sphere.

At some point, the Eternal Sphere was infected by a virus. However, it wasn't any typical virus: it's there, but it could not be found and dealt with by any known methods. What needed to be done? A method only used for absolute emergencies: cross the "barrier" into the Eternal Sphere, locate the virus, and eliminate it however possible. Much easier said than done, however...