George W. Bush visits children's hospital In Santa suit, with Secret Service elves!

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Oct 30, 2008
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George W. Bush is nothing if not a good sport. And in no better way was that illustrated when the former President donned a Santa suit for a hospital visit in Dallas.
The 68-year-old was handing out toys at the Children's Medical Center of Dallas to patients who have to spend Christmas at the facility.
The family that posted the picture of Bush to Facebook lost one of their twin daughters earlier this year to a heart disease called restrictive cardomyopathy.


Is that you, Mr President? George W. Bush hands out toys at the Children's Medical Center of Dallas on Saturday

'Guess who just came and gave Emily a Christmas present dressed in a Santa suit with Secret Service and all?!?!?.......... Pres. George Bush,' mom Natalie Smith posted to Facebook on December 16.
Her daughter, Shayde, died in January.

Her surviving daughter, Emily, has undergone a heart replacement, but is constantly in and out of hospital as her body rejects the organ.
The family have been raising money for Emily's medical expenses on GoFundMe.

There were reports on Twitter that Bush's secret service detail dressed as elves to accompany him.
Bush, who was succeeded by Barrack Obama in 2009, has lifetime secret service protection, as do all former Presidents.

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I hate his politics, but I loved this. He made his secret service dress as elves :lew: Unfortunately, as Bush always does, he didn't bring any professional photographers so all we have are the families pictures. Either way it's freaking adorable. I can see now that this man really didn't want to be president at all, it's a shame he was used, he seems like a lovely person. (which I expect to be how I will feel about obama once he is out of office, being president really changes people for the worse)
I hate his politics, but I loved this.

:gasp: yes yes yes!

I absolutely hated him as a politician, but what a great act of kindness! The whole government system really does fuck with you... I can only imagine the stress and pressure he had to go through. I'm not giving him any credit.. but he's obviously a good person if he chose to do something like this. Horrible president? Without a doubt. Horrible & heartless man? Ehhh, doesn't like that way to me.

Good for you Bush.

Merry Christmas eh mate?