Comparing the original FF7 CGI Artwork and that of the Remake - which is better?


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Nov 13, 2008

These images are iconic!
I don't think any of the promotional/transitional pieces from FFVIII or FFIX truly compares with what these mean to me, and they did a great job at recapturing them for the Remake.
The Tifa one in particular. I love how we can see some her face in the Remake one. She's still stargazing but we can see a side view. In the original it's pretty much all hair.

And yet I had not fully considered their meaning until reading your article. I'd recognised the importance of the locations to some of the characters, but I hadn't thought about them as 'what if?' scenarios. You're right. These scenes did not happen in the original game, and in some cases they could not happen.

I'm looking forward to see their update of the Red XIII and Seto artwork in particular. I'm hoping that they explore this storyline in greater detail in part 2 of the Remake. If not, I'll be the one howling. :sad2:
Yes! I love how we see her face in the Remake as well...
It would have been interesting some new ones featuring the Turks and some other characters...
Red 13 is also my most anticipated character, not to mention Cosmo Canyon - with the arranged music an a HD sunset it should be something to
drink that Cosmo cocktail to...;)
I agree with a few of these where the original or the Remake is better than the other. :lew:

Cloud overlooking the Shinra HQ is obviously a very big one. I agree that he needed to be a lot closer/bigger in the photo. I think with how they have him positioned it doesn't show off exactly how big the Shinra HQ actually is, though the Remake did an amazing job on the fine details.

Tifa's Starry Night is my favorite of the group. It would be nice to see more buildings, but the stars and Tifa herself is the most important focal point, and maybe that'd take away from it all!
We really feel Tifa's soul in this one, stuck between fighting for a better tomorrow and just wanting to recall the pureness of her past hopes and dreams.
:lew: Perfect summary for this image, I think the Remake really nailed it.

I feel like the Remake did the image of Barret & Marlene at the church more justice. The colors seem a bit richer in the original, however having Barret & Marlene more properly scaled makes it a more touching moment. Here is broken, rough, tough-guy Barret, and then little, soft, pink Marlene. I agree that Barret's hand on Marlene's head is very touching, but I think Marlene's small, tiny hand on Barret's shoulders really puts an emphasis on how small and child-like she is supposed to be. This looks like a daughter-father moment to me! I agree though, the church scene represents a rejuvenating & healing hope for the planet, and a better future for the next generation such as Marlene's.

:D It's so silly, but looking back I didn't even acknowledge that it was the ship that was missing in the Aerith shot. Oopsies! I knew when looking at it that it seemed very bare and/or open, but it is much more fitting this way, it's probably exactly how Aerith felt. Though as a player, after playing the game from start to finish, you really appreciate the openness of the world after spending several hours underneath the rotting pizza! I digress though, I agree with what was said about this piece. I think the Remake did a good job showing off the openess and vastness of the sky, and uncertainty of what lies beyond.

Definitely liked the original on the Sephiroth artwork more. Maybe I'm favoring the Remake more than most, but I think in this case the original did a better job showing off the darker tones than the Remake version. I realize they're emphasizing the fire, but it makes it seem like something is missing, or maybe it's just a tad bit overkill? I'm not sure honestly. I'd just like to see some more contrast.
However by just looking at the posture I sense a bit more internal struggle going on in the original Sephiroth. I also got the impression in the remake that he fully embraces his own madness while in the original there is a side of him that seems aware that he is losing his grip on everything which in turn makes him even more crazy. The speeches he gives seem to be for the purpose of convincing himself that he is 'the chosen' as much anyone else. Ultimately, the original takes this one.
This exactly. The Remake Sephiroth looks like he is standing with more confidence and assurance, like said earlier: as if he already has embraced his madness. In this time frame he should be upset, angry, looking to the ground or projecting some kind of unhappiness.

Thanks for sharing :lew: It's interesting seeing what others think and being able to share my own. Really excited to see some more of Red XIII as well, I think Cosmo Canyon will be a lot of fun and a good hit to the nostalgic feels.
Fun topic, it's fair to say both are wonderfully designed but I certainly have my preferences.

Cloud - I don't like the composition of the modern version, it has a lot of wasted space over the feature and to the right. Crop the image and may I do prefer it - which easily don I guess. But I do like the blue shine of the buster sword of the original.

- I prefer the original by far! I love the glow of the Nibelheim Houses and the turquoise shine of the sky. Also the stars are more prominent too. I do like how the windmill is more identifiable in the modern version though! (Vivi digs his windmills folks!)

Barret - I think I prefer the modern version - The detail is outstanding! While the flowers are more of the focal point in the original I can't deny the detail in the modern one.

Aerith - Original, easily. While you could consider it false as Aerith boards the Highwind in the original, the modern version doesn't excite me much at all - I just get a windows XP desktop vibe...

Sephiroth - Modern, a brilliant recreation with all mood and the HD benefits to boot!

Excited to see the rest!