Fan Fiction Aftermath - Seifer!Centric for The Successor Challenge


Jun 21, 2015
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Hey y'all! So in case you haven't heard about the fandom challenge called The Successor, you're missing out! The fandom focuses on the theme of "What comes after?" It runs for the entire month, from August 1st to August 31st, and submissions can be fan art, fan fiction, etc, so long as it revolves around the theme. It can even be AU!

The big project I've been working on for most of the summer is my submission for the challenge, titled Aftermath. It focuses on Seifer's life immediately after time-compression, to a few years ahead. It's pretty angsty but it does have a happy ending :)

I posted part one on August 1st. The second part will go up August 15th, and the third and final part will go up August 29th. The first part works as a prologue, and is the shortest part. It covers the timeline from immediately after time-compression is lifted and is my take on where Seifer was spit out from the continuum. It runs up until right before his trial.

The second part consist of the entire trial. It's very dialogue heavy and is drawn-out and emotionally jarring, but I try to offer some insight into certain parts of the game, from Seifer's POV.

The third part covers from right after the trial to about two or three years ahead. There is also a mini-epilogue. The entire work clocks in at 98 pages, 33k words. A mini-novel, if you will :P

Anyway, long rant over, here's the first part! If anyone reads it, I'd love to hear your opinions whether on here or on the site. You can leave a guest review :) I'm rather proud of this piece and the fact that I managed to get it finished in just under two months is a personal achievement, haha.