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Jun 12, 2006

Affiliate Center

Welcome to the Final Fantasy Forums' Affiliate Center!

This is the platform where the websites, communities, and organisations which Final Fantasy Forums is affiliated with are showcased.

Come here to learn about the connections which have been made, and to find out about what our affiliates have to offer. If you represent an affiliated community or website then you can also use this section to create your own thread and post updates or any information you deem suitable so that our members on Final Fantasy Forums can be kept up to date.


  • We ask for only one thread per affiliate only (unless agreed otherwise by special arrangement with the administrators of Final Fantasy Forums). These can be created by the affiliate representatives themselves, or affiliate representatives can ask one of the administrators to make a thread for them. We will then work on doing our best to make the affiliate announcement dynamic and exciting, including screenshots of the website or community which we are affiliating with.

  • Please add an [Affiliate] tag to the title of your thread. This can be selected during the process of creating your thread. This will make the purpose of the thread easier to notice on the forum’s Newest Replies sections.

  • We are currently only affiliating with sites and communities which are Final Fantasy themed. It does not matter within these parameters what particular interests the community has, so long as they are Final Fantasy relevant.

  • For members who are not representatives of any affiliated party (but would like to post or ask questions in a thread) please remain on topic. If you do not have anything to say about the affiliated party then please do not add a post.

  • If are not a representative of an approved affiliate then please do not use this section to make a thread.

  • If anyone is interested in affiliating with Final Fantasy Forums, feel free to send a Private Message to the administrators at any moment. The admins shall then discuss the alliance and then get back to you.

  • When Private Messaging an administrator do make it clear what your website or community is, what it has to offer, and why you want to affiliate with Final Fantasy Forums. This will help to speed up the process of deciding whether the affiliation should occur at this point in time.

  • All general Site Rules also apply in this sub-forum.

We hope that members enjoy learning about Final Fantasy Forums’ affiliated organisations, that our affiliates enjoy the special partnership which we are embracing, and that potential affiliates of the future come forward with their proposals.

If anyone has any queries about the affiliates system or the Affiliates Center section please Private Message an administrator.
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