1. rowe

    [IC] Final Fantasy X role play/story #1.

    (Be sure to check out the thread for the second FFX rp/story idea, too.) Personally, I think it's easy to expand upon FFX, Spira, its history, etc. Thus, I'm actually thinking of two role play/story ideas. This is the first, and it revolves around the era in which the Machina War takes place...
  2. rowe

    [IC] Final Fantasy VII role play/story.

    The story/premise has been long since written and good to go - for like, nearly 12 years. :lew: (Created it with my cousin when I was a younger lad.) I've recently made adjustments to it, though, and made it more "modern to the times" - but, if anyone is willing, a co-collaborator-of-sorts is...
  3. rowe

    [IC] ciphra Fabula, a Final Fantasy prequel series

    I don't have a set-in-stone title yet; "ciphra Fabula" (roughly "zero Tale") is a tentative title. This will be a series of four (4) volumes/books (and a smaller midseries entry), if successful. This ties into the Final Fantasy mythos, explaining how the current universe was created, and...