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  1. Dionysos

    ‘Beneath a Stolen Sky’: A free FFVII tribute album by Pixel Mixers

    Pixel Mixers have recently released ‘Beneath a Stolen Sky’, a great Midgar-centric FFVII tribute album to celebrate the Remake. Featuring covers by a number of collaborators with a variety of musical styles, this free album is definitely worth checking out! You can listen to it here: Or...
  2. Hashel05

    Final Fantasy IX: Beyond the Mist [A Free Tribute Album by Pixel Mixers]

    [EDIT] The album is out now! 1st part is on Youtube and the full album in the description =) you also can read an article about it: https://pixel-mixers.com/2019/06/27/final-fantasy-ix-beyond-the-mist-tribute-album/ Hello guys :) With the Pixel Mixers community we are about the release our...