1. Dionysos

    'The Nibelheim Incident' by M.J. Gallagher – free eBook available now!

    The Nibelheim Incident is a fan-written Final Fantasy VII novella by Scottish author M.J. Gallagher. Accompanied with captivating illustrations by Crimson Sun and a stunning cover by AJ Hateley, the story of arguably the most important scene in the Final Fantasy franchise is creatively retold...
  2. O

    does Sephiroth know Lucrecia?

    This is my dirty theory, you can argue or refine it. On the origional story, Lucrecia mentions that she can't die because of Jenova cell, and on DC, Hojo injected both the pregnant Lucrecia and her fetus with Jenova cells. So Lucrecia indeed has Jevova's cell. I think Sephiroth might know...