1. Dionysos

    Limericks of Lute

    The game is simple. Guess the character/location/item/concept/etc alluded to in the limerick poems I will be posting here. If you are unsure what a limerick is, see this Wikipedia definition: These might not always be consistently funny or rude, but you get the idea. An example limerick is...
  2. Dionysos

    Guess the protagonist's name!

    We are apparently due a teaser website at the end of October which means we might expect the protagonist’s name (among others) to be officially announced, or at least learn more about them. So far we only know Joshua’s name for certain. So what do you think our primary protagonist's name could...
  3. Dionysos

    Can you guess the next Kingdom Hearts game?!

    Square Enix have challenged us to 'guess' the next Kingdom Hearts project. It very much reminds me of this Father Ted scene: We have until January 28th to make our guesses, so I figured that if anyone wants to guess then I can put some of your guesses out there using the FFF Twitter...
  4. greenyxi

    Guess That Ghoulish Game!

    Roll up! Roll up! Time for a round of Guess That Ghoulish Game! In this here thread, I will present to you a clue to a game that I'm thinking of. You get one guess each, for each clue I post! However, sometimes it's best not to guess in case it narrows down the list of games that it could be...