final fantasy xvi

  1. Dionysos

    FFF Mythology Manual: Phoenix

    FFFMM: Phoenix: A Bird Reborn Not many mythology-based metaphors possess an impact quite as powerful as the Phoenix rising from the ashes. The imagery of a rebirth following hardship is attractively therapeutic, encapsulated perfectly by the self-engendering mythical bird which upon death is...
  2. Dionysos

    Guess the protagonist's name!

    We are apparently due a teaser website at the end of October which means we might expect the protagonist’s name (among others) to be officially announced, or at least learn more about them. So far we only know Joshua’s name for certain. So what do you think our primary protagonist's name could...
  3. Dionysos

    Announcements A new FFXVI section rises!

    ... like a phoenix! We work quickly here on FFF sometimes! With Square Enix's announcement that Final Fantasy XVI is actually being made we have created a new section to house any new threads concerning it. Please feel free to discuss and speculate on the game as much as you like - this space...