1. bandokanon

    As promised, thems artses:

    Have I caught your attention? Ok, good. So I'm a very freelance, very aimless artist that indulges in the making of webcomics. Because my life also revolves around videogames, specifically JRPGs, specifically a CERTAIN JRPG, I took it upon myself to make what nobody needed: *Image is also a...
  2. KameMaster

    Dawn of Lycan My Artwork(+Techniques) Give a note post your art

    Hello all :) i invite to watch and rate my Fan Art about a character called Lycan, is a speed Art video. I tryied make some points diferent above the Original character, and i am still trying to improve my techniques. If you have any sugestion please tell me, i hope you like ;) Spee art video...
  3. KameMaster

    My Pokemon Fan-creation and Dragon Ball Z Fan-Art

    Hello all, i am ilustrator and anime fan, i invite you to watch my new videos ,one is about a Pokemon Fan creation (a realist fan-fic) the second is a Fan art about Dragon Ball Z, I hope you like :)