1. Dionysos

    FFXIV movie: Minions Adventure.

    I followed a link on Twitter and have no regrets. I’ve needed some cheering up this weekend so I hope this does the same for you lot! Zanekonpu / Toi Toi Pictures and Mameko Sora have created a wonderful little film set and filmed in FFXIV to celebrate the 6th anniversary of the game. It...
  2. D

    FFXV Map inspiration fan theory

    I was taking a good look at the world map of Eos the other day. During so I noticed similarities with the world map territoriality/culturally speaking. For this, I decided to quickly sketch out my own speculated map based off of what Square Enix might have been inspired by in the making of...
  3. G

    Greetings Everyone!

    Hello to you all. I'm Gaza Memoria. New to the forums, and been a huge fan of Final Fantasy since I was little. My favorite one so far has to be Final Fantasy VI cause I love the storyline and how the characters developed with their hardships. As far as overall, Final Fantasy IV is close behind...
  4. Gingerbread Lesbian

    Square Enix Shuts Down Fan-Made Chrono Trigger Sequel

    On May 8, Chrono Compendium received a wide-reaching cease and desist letter from Square Enix, Inc. As with Chrono Trigger: Resurrection and Chrono Trigger Remake Project's letters, they have uploaded the letter for viewing here as a matter of public interest. Chrono Compendium have decided to...