1. Dionysos

    Tifa's Remake design. What are your thoughts?

    Tifa Lockhart is a fan favourite for many people. Last night / early this morning the E3 trailer dropped, revealing the new look for the female monk. She appears to be mostly the same, but for the addition of long socks and a new type of skirt. She's also wearing a black sports bra...
  2. cmarabate

    "Who was in your party?" FFVII Shirt Designs

    Here are is small selection my Final Fantasy VII "Who was in your party?" shirt designs. I literally made 2 versions of each party combination. My personal favorite party combination was Cloud, Cid, and Vincent. Who was in your party?
  3. F

    Best Dress Characters from all Final Fantasy games

    So I am a fashion designer and final fantasy has been a big inspiration to me. I was wondering who you think are the best and worst dressed characters and why?
  4. V

    [Interest Check] Working Title: Final Fantasy Designo XIII(?)

    Quick Note I'm posting this thread to divulge (and update) information on a "meaty" RP idea. The whole point of this is: getting heavy input, questions, interest, and ideas from you guys. (Since, as you can see, the information below is far from finished.) I'm hoping to get just that. Don't be...