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    Not Actually Back :wacky: Just bored so I decided to ask if Riku is still here, also turned out im not banned for life... :P Thanx :) EDIT: This should probably be closed now...
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    Is Riku still here ? PS: I'm Bored...
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    Time for me to go.

    oooh cool, hacking FFF is the only cool thing u did, im happy to see you leave, i only came back to write this anyways xD so who cares, maybe we'll meet again....... and ill annoy j00
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    Member Adoption

    lol i dont think he'll try to mess with us, so dontdo anything to him in that while
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    The Mafia Thread

    we are 7 now, me, u, Kazekage, Darksquall, U-neek and sins of a fighter
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    The Mafia Thread

    ill still continue using them, i really don't even care what u advice me to do anyways
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    Mandi's Gallery of Art

    LOL!! thats awesome drawing!
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    The Mafia Thread

    well then, if we started doing more than just that, you would have closed the mafia down, and i thought, that you thought this was too much...
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    'nother newbie <3

    welcome to FFF, ill be your friend, hope to see u on shoutbox ;) Im an FF watermelon...
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    The Mafia Thread

    yay, and also welcome U-neek too!
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    The Mafia Thread

    yes i know that word, it's your fave right? there was no hate in that post because i was just gathering up evidence as a proof that u might close this thread, one of them would be when you said that the mafia is going a bit too far, somewhere in adoption thread i think....
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    It's Classic now...

    Many of those shooters were also hard, it's impossible to beat without using cheats, game genie, gameshark etc...
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    Maybe some new skins?

    The banner dosent even come up for me, im not that good at photoshop eiother, but i hope they consider new designs
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    Yes or No Game

    yes am i good watermelon king ?
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    Rate the Game above you...

    8/10 love FPS, not that much tho Warcraft III