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    FINAL FANTASY XII Soundtrack

    most of the tracks on the OST where pretty catchy, found myself either whistling or humming along to them. Liked the song that was played during the credits nice calm piece of music after kicking ass like usual from Square Enix
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    Crisis Core Genesis

    hahaha go Genesis brilliant character shame that he was easy to defeat at the end of CC, he needs his own game
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    Crisis Core What monsters to steal pheonix downs from?

    I found that I got quite alot of mine from the monsters with the four claws when I did the bonus missions. However, hunting for a null death item like safety bit would help if you are getting death cast on you. My best advice which I got from a friend of mine is that just do the as many as the...
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    Dirge of Cerberus Secret Ending

    Next game should really be the end of the compilation and as far as I know, the VII remake on the PS3 is confirmed.
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    FF Music Favorite FF Music?

    Found X-2's music to be a bit lame as I'm not into j-pop. However, FF XII music was OK as it had that sense of Mystery and Adventure when you are exploring areas of Ivalice.
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    Japanese Songs Recommendation

    Started to listen to Japanese music after playing DoC. Got hooked straight away with Gackt and listen to him on a regular basis. However, I only have just the one ablum and that is the Redemption album. Wanted to get some more but I am having some trouble in getting them. Any ideas where I can...
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    Dirge of Cerberus Secret Ending

    But if you say that Genesis is to be the next protecter of the planet, then why does he state to Weiss: "We have much work to do, Brother" Weiss tried to destroy the planet and Genesis flys of with him
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    Sephiroth...the good, the bad, the...easy?

    Tmoo: Here, Here, cousin of mine was playing KHI and he got to Sehpy and had a tantrum cos he got his ass kicked in five minutes flat. He asked me to have a go an jeez, I lasted about 30 minutes jumping over his sword most of the time hardly getting a hit in and then I died!!
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    KHII KHII Favorites & Worsts

    Favorites Favorite Character: Sora Favorite Male Character: Goofy Favorite Female Character: Minnie Favorite Princess: Jazmine Favorite Organization Member: Axel Favorite World: Lion King World Favorite Guest(in battle): Auron Favorite Magic: -- Reflect Favorite Summon -- Genie Favorite FF...
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    Advent Children The Best/Funniest Line In Advent Children?

    Denzel is what 10 in the movie? That was pretty weird, 10 year old swearing
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    Advent Children The Best/Funniest Line In Advent Children?

    I like this from Camiex, pretty cool quote, had me and my mates laughing and splitting our sides when we first watched it My favorite is when Kadaj and Rufus are on the ledge in Edge and Rufus pulls out the box with the Jenova cells in and he says "A good son would have known" and then...
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    Zack vs. Cloud: Who's Stronger?

    Zack would kick cloud's behind at any time of the day and any where Zack killed Angeal in combat by himself, defeated Genesis in combat and defeated Sephiroth in combat too (cinematic shows zack getting battered by sephiroth after you beat him) Cloud only manages to kill sephiroth in CC by...
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    Dirge of Cerberus Secret Ending

    I just got the secret ending for Dirge of Cerberus, and I was just wondering who else did and what they feel about it Does DoC need as sequel to deal with the resurrected Genesis? or should it end where it is Please give any thoughts you have
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    Crisis Core Crisis Core General Discussion

    CC managed to explain who genesis was, as I got the secret ending for Dirge of Cerebus and I was wondering who he was and CC did that for me
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    Strategy Guide...

    I got mine from, but I don't think that they do it anymore so you might want to try the square website as I think you can get one from there. If not then gameFAQ will be the best bet