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    SPOILERS My Problems with Final Fantasy 4

    i think most people who praise FF4 were praising it as "Final Fantasy II". For a while, we didn't have FF2 and FF3 to show how much the story evolved. With that said, i agree with a lot of points you made. i heard the 3D Remake, expanded more, and revised some of the plot.
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    A horror themed Final Fantasy?

    Well i can imagine a horror-themed game based on Vagrant Story. But other than that, not much else.
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    Rumoured Final Fantasy live-action Netlflix series

    i have not had any hope in Square Enix to come up with anything new. They are creatively bankrupt. All their imagination and ideas going into a single MMO while the others are left to waiting for FF16. i would love for them to push the boundaries again with FF and make something completely...
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    Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster announced for Steam and mobile platforms

    This is EXACTLY what I feared....having an updated UI with a mix of 16-bit and 8-bit style. I'm also holding back on purchasing these ones.
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    Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin announced for 2022; PS5 timed demo now available

    I'm very disappointed that they decided to take FF1 and just "retell" it in a new edgy dark way. This might've been as impressive in the PS3 era as this edgy dark mood would've worked. But this design looks a lot to be desired. The problem is that we have a good example of what a darker FF1...
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    Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin announced for 2022; PS5 timed demo now available

    I said this before, but this could be a prologue to FF1 rather than a retelling. in FF1, Garland kidnaps Sarah. The Chaos Shrine was also in ruins at that time. If we also take into account that The Warrior of Light representing FF1 is actually a replica of Cid, centuries before FF1, and after...
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    Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster announced for Steam and mobile platforms

    for the first time ever we are getting FF3 in 8-bit or 16-bit style fashion. We only had access to this version accessible through ROMs. A Wonderswan version was planned but was canceled. So this is big news that SE is allowing us to play a version of FF3 we never officially got before.
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    What could this Souls-like FF be?

    Based on what was shown at E3, I think my initial theory that this is a prequel to FF1. The reason why i believe its still a prequel because we only see 3 out of the 4 Warrior of light, and if we believe Dissidia and Dissidia 012 are part of mainline continuity, the 4th Warrior of light...
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    FFX - Yay or nay to remake?

    Blitzball is not as fun as it originally came out. It's difficult to have a clear idea when there are so many acronyms to concentrate on. And the camera shifts completely when the players move to a certain place.
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    Who is your favorite Final Fantasy NPC?

    my personal favorite FF character is Vata from FF DImensions. A mysterious character who you don't know whose side he's on until the very end.
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    What could this Souls-like FF be?

    Souls games aren't as hard as people think. It just removes the gimmicky boss battles and focuses on timing and precision. Once you get used to it, you become more confident. my biggest recommendation for Souls games: experiment with weapons. If you do that, you'll find some stronger enemies...
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    What FF-related side hobby do you currently do?

    i write my own stories about their own universes. Usually have characters like CHocobos, Summons, Cactuars, even moogles.
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    Would you be interested in HD-2D Remakes of Final Fantasy I-VI?

    Square Enix is really just throwing things in the air. They are testing whether people will buy these or not. I think all of the Final Fantasy games should get that classic treatment. FF Origins FF3 (people should have a chance to play the classic version of it, even if the visuals are...
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    Do you think Final Fantasy did disservice to Biggs and Wedge characters from Star Wars?

    I'm saying, you must be aware that Star Wars is not just a popular franchise but an entire iconic phenomenon. So it baffles me that you swing your opinion in such a way that makes it seem like you are not aware of what star wars are. I ask "why is this person who is talking about Biggs and...
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    What could this Souls-like FF be?

    I think a prequel to Final Fantasy 1 will be an amazing idea. As we can see the Lufenians, Cid, and other characters. Dissidia expanded that world greatly too and added more dept. Perhaps play as the villain Garland. Or something like that.